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LED Collar Project Code
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LED Collar Follow the steps in the tutorial to build the project - To use the code:

  1. Download the test code from the "code" tab.

  2. Make sure to extract the .zip file

  3. Open the .firmware Arduino file.

  4. Set the correct port and board (Arduino pro-mini)

  5. Connect the circuit to your computer and Upload the code.

  6. Test your circuit by opening the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE and follow the instructions. If one the components isn't working, first check the wiring, and if it still doesn't work, go through our debugging post.

  7. When the circuit is working, replace the test code with the project code from thte Github repo. Make sure to leave the //Include Libraries and //Pin Definitions at the top of the code, and also keep all the libraries from the original code.

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