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Spectral Robot Task Force

Spectral banner

Spectral Robot Task Force is a turn-based strategy game similar to X-COM and Fire Emblem, with robot ghosts fighting supernatural criminals. It features a light-hearted plot that we want to couple with deep, rewarding gameplay. Online multiplayer will extend the fun past the singleplayer experience, and you can even play asynchronously if you want to take your time strategizing.

Created by Circular Studios.


  • Dash engine, a publicly-developed engine written in D.
  • Two factions, robots and supernatural criminals.
  • Deathmatch game mode, extensible to further modes.
  • Online multiplayer, currently just live (no asynchronous).


  1. Install dmd and dub. You can use chocolatey if you are on Windows.
  2. Clone this repository (SourceTree or command line git are good options).
  3. Open a command prompt and cd into the directory containing Spectral.
  4. Type dub to build and run the game.

Packaging For Release

Install the Dash CLI and run dash publish -o in the top-level directory.


Anything under the Binaries, Config, Scripts, and UI directories is under the MIT License. All other work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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