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Service Manager Portal RDP Task



  • Adds a Launch RDP Task to Incident and Change forms
  • Will pull all Affected Configuration Items that are Computers into a drop down list to select from
    • Uses a custom method to check if CIs are Computers to allow for bespoke customisation, eg to allow Hardware Assets of type Computer.
  • Click OK to launch RDP (mstsc.exe) to that computer
  • Requires Cireson App Lanucher community app available from here


  1. Copy the RDPTask folder from the _install folder into CustomSpace in your Portal Web Files
  2. If this is the first extention you have installed, copy the contents of Script Loader.js to the top of custom.js found in CustomSpace folder
  3. Copy the contents of Add to CustomJS.js to the bottom of custom.js found in CustomSpace folder
  4. Run the SQL script that is in the install folder against the ServiceManagement database
  5. Install the Cireson App Launcher on all Analyst PCs.
  6. Refresh the Portal

Further help

Please log issues on GitHub

Pull requests are welcome

The extention has a thread on the Cireson Community.


Patrick Chambers, Geoff Ross

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