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Automatically add your games to you Steam library
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Steam Scanner

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Get all you games on Steam ! Steam Scanner run as a background process, grab games from others launchers and add them to your Steam library.

In system tray Result in Steam
Table of contents
Supported OS
Supported Launcher
Dev prerequisites
Launch parameters
Launcher config file
Known bugs


Go to the Releases section

Supported OS

For now only Windows is supported

Supported Launcher

Launcher Supported
Uplay ✔️
Origin ✔️
BattleNet 🔁 WIP
GOG Galaxy
Twitch DA
MS Store

Dev Prerequisites

For windows, as admin

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


Install the dependencies and generate the dist folder

npm i

Start the watcher

npm run dev

Launching the app (dev mode)

electron dist/app.js


npm run build

Launch parameters

The following launch parameters are available :

- - clean Clear the saved config and all shortcuts saved on Steam
- - debug Show additionnal outputs in the console (like updater logs)

Launcher config files


Launcher Config file properties

property type default required notes
name string true Name of the Launcher
binaryName string (fileName) true Name of the executable of the Launcher
binaryPossibleLocations string(path)[] true Array of path where binaryName may be found, use the $drive string to tell the scanner to search on each drive

Game config files


Game config file properties

property type default required notes
name string true Name of the game
binaries string[] true List of possible binaries file name (ex : Overwatch Launcher.exe )
launcher string false name of the launcher associated with this game (ex: Uplay)
folderName string false Name of the game folder, name will be used if not given
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