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Calcit Editor

Intuitive S-expressions editing for Clojure(Script).

  • Auto Layout: expressions in blocks and inline-blocks, styled with CSS
  • Tree Editing: intuitive way of structural editing as nested expressions
  • Call Stack Navigation: more fine-grained functions navigation
  • Collaboration: changes real-time synced among multiple clients via WebSockets

One function/definition in a screen, Command d to open called function at next tab, Command j Command k Command i to switch:

Expression editor

Based on DOM/CSS, easy for another theme:


Command p to search and jump inspired by Sublime Text :

Search panel

Browse namespaces and functions/variables:

Definitions browser


npm CLI of calcit-editor

Install CLI and start a local WebSocket server, it uses calcit.cirru as a snapshot file:

npm i -g calcit-editor

UI of the editor is a webapp on

You may try with my project templates:

or even clone current repo for trying out.

Don't forget to check out keyboard shortcuts. My old introduction videos can be found on YouTube.


CLI variables for compiling code directly from calcit.cirru:

op=compile calcit-editor

The web UI takes several query options:
  • port, defaults to 6001
  • host, defaults to localhost, connects via WebSocket

By default, ClojureScript code is emitted in src/ by pressing Command s. When server is stopped with Control c, calcit.cirru is also updated.

There are also several options in :configs field in calcit.cirru:

  • port, defaults to 6001
  • output, defaults to src/
  • extension, defaults to .cljs

Editor UI is decoupled with WebSocket server, so it's okay to connect remote server from multiple pages with all expressions synced in real-time.

Also there's a local version of web editor to enable:

ui=local calcit-editor
# serving UI at http://localhost:6101

Compact output

It's now also splitted into .

compact=true caclcit-editor

When :compact-output? true is specified in calcit.cirru, "Compact Mode" is activated. Clojure(Script) will no longer be emitted, instead two files will be emitted:

  • compact.cirru contains a compact version of data tree of the program.
  • .compact-inc.cirru contains diff information from latest modification of per definition.

It's not useful for Clojure but would can be used for other experiments in calcit-runner.


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