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Author / code - art - music: Seby

2014 - 2015


Witch Blast is a free roguelite dungeon crawl shooter heavily inspired from Binding Of Isaac. The player plays as a novice magician in a dungeon who is trying to get as far as he can, using various items he can find to defeat the inhabitants of the dungeon.



If there is no binary for your version, you have to compile the application. You will need the library SFML, minimal version 2.2.
A CMake file is available.

Standard commands (can be changed in the game):

WASD (US, DE) or QSDZ (FR) to move in 8 directions
Arrows to shoot in 4 directions,
[Right CTRL] (can be hold) to shoot in the facing direction.
Mouse left-click
[Tab] to change shoot type (if you've found any).
Mouse Wheel
[Space] to cast a spell (if you've found any).


Game saves automatically when leaving the game in a cleared area.
Leaving the game while fighting destroys the current game.


- randomly generated dungeons,
- powerful items,
- different shot types,
- monsters,
- chest and keys,
- merchant,
- spells with cooldown,
- temples and divinities,
- achievements and bonus/items unlock,
- candy eye effects.

Seby: code and music 
Pierre "dejam0rt" Baron: 2D art
Le Guitariste Du Nord: Music -
R0d: particles system and multilingual support coding
Cong: Multiplayer mode and other contributions (

Code: GPLv3
Art (2D and music): CC BY-NC-SA

Thanks to

Vetea (for the v0.4.0 2D redesign)
Sideous and Portoss01 (they provide me 2D art in earlier versions)
Billx (who suggested me the title "Witch Blast" + English corrections)
Mika Attila (for his contribution during the development)
Geheim (for the German translation)
Achpile (for the Russian version and his help in the code)
AFS (for the Spanish translation)

- ADD 2 players mode
- ADD Score display in game
- ADD New game and pause UI
- ADD Player scores are shining in score screens
- ADD German, Spanish and Russian translations
- ADD Mouse support for using/dropping consumables and switching bolt type
- ADD Config option to turn off the pause while losing the focus
- ADD Config option to turn off sprite batching of particles
- ADD Config option to decrease lifetime of particles (for old computers)
- ADD Potion description in the pause screen
- MOD Sausages can now be killed in one shot (standard damage)
- MOD Lightning spell deals progressive damage (5 dam in level 3, 6 in level 4, etc...)
- MOD Increase of the divine protection duration
- MOD Effect cooldown are now in the upper part of the interface
- MOD Cooldown to pick up a potion we've dropped is now 5 seconds
- MOD Explosive barrel is now red with an explosion symbol
- MOD Some barrels are damaged at generation
- MOD "Bomberman"-type rooms have always barrels at level 4 and above now
- MOD Green blood and slime corpses have been desaturated for a better game visibility
- MOD Level up divinity effect has been changed (was too close of the divinity intervention effect)
- FIX Inputs are processed while the game window has no focus
- FIX Doors don't open when there is still spider webs in room
- FIX Spider webs slow down some spiders
- FIX Grid on walls
- FIX The player effects (poison, slow, damage up, etc...) are not saved
- FIX Bag appears only when the player has boots
- FIX No door to secret room on loaded game
- FIX Item order in the inventory
- FIX It's possible to let the player name blank
- FIX It's possible to drop potions we don't have
- FIX Closing the game in the pause screen don't save the game

- ADD Destructible tiles
- ADD Potions
- ADD Secret rooms
- ADD New items
- ADD New familiar
- ADD New magic spells
- ADD New achievements
- ADD New music
- ADD Player effects display
- ADD Blinking effect when player is invincible
- ADD Monsters
- MOD Consumables in shops
- MOD Evil flower damage
- MOD Butcher can drop sausages now
- MOD Game becomes harder for good players
- MOD Some monsters (rats, bats) slow down when changing direction
- MOD Level 8 is the last level now
- MOD Air divinity fury has now a lifetime (was infinite)
- MOD Intro is displayed just once now
- MOD Display the best player instead of the best scores
- MOD We don't have to clear the room to get the achievement now
- MOD In "advanced" mode, the "fairy cursor" changes
- MOD Bolt particles are now batched
- FIX Latency when communicating with the score server
- FIX Interaction key has to be redefined each game
- FIX Item description text too large

- ADD Online scores
- ADD Player movement improvements
- ADD More details in dungeons
- ADD New doors
- ADD New walls
- ADD New art for the "bubble"
- ADD Flower animation
- ADD Joystick support
- MOD Stone divinity repulse fury causes damage now (8HP)
- MOD Fireball (from spell) minimum damage increases (from 12 to 24 HP)
- FIX Explosive slime can be stuck in the wall when casting "invoke slime" spell
- FIX Horizontal lines when maximizing the screen
- FIX Spell lost when taking two spells at the same time
- FIX Missing art for advanced gloves and boots
- FIX Some random sprites are misplaced
- FIX Graphical problems on The Thing
- FIX Pumpkin sound is playing twice
- FIX Giant slime impact sound was missing

- ADD Glowing green staff aura when poison shot equipped
- ADD Air divinity aura
- ADD New room patterns
- ADD Better looking dungeon: Wall shadow, decorations, better tiles
- ADD German and Russian translations
- MOD An item can be only dropped once in a level
- MOD Giant Spider difficulty slightly increases
- MOD Ghost are shortly visible at fight start
- MOD Gloves and advanced gloves switched
- MOD Snakes from trap can drop golds or apples
- MOD Elemental cauldron invoke rate decreases and is limited (no spawn when more than 8 monsters on screen)
- MOD Fairy powder does not teleport the player as often as it used too
- FIX Wrong air divinity conversion message
- FIX Overlapping items descriptions
- FIX No ghost dying animation
- FIX Key zone tiles were wrong

- ADD A new level (7)
- ADD New boss (for level 7)
- ADD Achievements and unlocks (16)
- ADD Items
- ADD Monsters and variants
- ADD Shot type (poison)
- ADD Spells (2)
- ADD Familiars (a fairy and another one)
- ADD Chest traps
- ADD Challenge levels 3 and 4
- ADD Tiles and room patterns 
- ADD Divinity level messages
- ADD Tree Divinity has a fury against undead
- MOD No player collision while invincible
- MOD Sulfur causes the monster explode directly, and safe for the player
- MOD Giant Spider easier, and less green blood on screen
- MOD Divine interventions have a piety cost
- MOD Hiccup makes the player fire poison
- MOD Imps do not teleport with 1 HP damage
- MOD Corpse can fall in holes
- MOD Completed challenge chest can contain items (but it's rare)
- FIX Natasha and Scarlett wrong display in Hall of Fame
- FIX V-Sync does not work on some GPU

- ADD Russian translation
- FIX No more texture bigger than 2048x2048 for better compatibility
- FIX Wrong filename

- ADD German and Spanish translations
- ADD Improved and new sound (each shot type has a different sound effect)
- ADD Full minimap on the pause menu
- ADD Full screen mode (experimental)
- MOD Short latency before teleport when an imp has been hurt
- MOD Exploding enemy shows "burned" sprite
- MOD Improved snake AI
- FIX No player stats update when levelling up piety level
- FIX Shadows missing (items and eggs) or misplaced (Cyclops)
- FIX Label errors (missing French translation, or wrong key error for English version) 
- FIX False bolt sprite for The Thing
- FIX Scarlet and Natasha sprites are switched
- FIX Unexpected divine intervention messages
- FIX Teleport on key is possible

- ADD Temple (worship + donation)
- ADD Divinities (4)
- ADD Divinity powers and interventions
- ADD Interaction key
- ADD "level" objects
- ADD New art and GUI
- MOD Shop interaction
- MOD New Key room

- ADD Scores and hi-score screen
- ADD Blood is spraying now
- ADD Sound and music volume in config menu
- ADD Options to enable/disable zoom, vssync, blood spraying, in config file
- ADD Auto-save at the beginning of a fight (game is not wasted in case of crash or freeze)
- MOD Level 5 and level 6 are easier now
- MOD Sorted inventory
- MOD Optimizations (use of vertex arrays)
- MOD Don't distort game screen when resizing the window
- MOD Corpses don't stay on walls
- FIX Credit screen crash while pressing arrow

- ADD New level
- ADD New monsters
- ADD New items
- ADD New spell
- ADD New art for sprites and tiles
- ADD New room surfaces
- ADD New intro and menu
- ADD Levels have different tilesets now 
- ADD In-game menu (pause)
- ADD Inventory display in the in-game menu
- ADD Chest for completed challenges
- ADD Tutorial state save and reset
- ADD Cauldron now explodes while dying
- ADD Sound for imp's teleportation
- ADD "Jump" animation for items you can get
- ADD Zoom effect when starting / dying
- ADD In-fight save game
- ADD Mouse right click support (spell)
- ADD Show selected key in key configuration
- ADD Credits screen
- MOD Game is faster now
- MOD Standard Rat IA changes (rats now move in 4 directions)
- MOD Frozen dividing bubbles generate frozen "children" bubbles
- MOD Fireball (spell) now goes through monsters (if enough HP)
- MOD Lightning bolt now goes through monsters (if enough HP)
- MOD Cyclops' damage decreases
- MOD Giant Spider is more difficult to kill now
- MOD Shop's items too expensive displayed in red
- MOD One cauldron max in witches rooms in level 5
- MOD New death screen
- MOD Exploding fire shot replaced with sulfur item
- MOD Exploding corpse with timer now
- MOD Snake AI changes (no more "group attack)
- MOD Witches and Flowers use ray casting to fire or not
- MOD Cauldron + Witches only on rooms with walls
- MOD Bats and little slime HP-
- MOD "Elemental" monsters resistance or weakness increase
- MOD Double and triple quick shots don't do so much damage when cumulated with damage items
- FIX Cyclops firing in the wall when too close to the north wall
- FIX Items can fly a long time on the walls
- FIX Clean message queue while starting a new game

- ADD New monsters (snakes)
- ADD New items (spell orbs)
- ADD Poison
- ADD Cold bolt (generated with an unloaded ice shot)
- ADD Spells (5 different ones)
- ADD Translations: Spanish and Russian
- ADD New art for bats
- ADD Texts "widgets" for story and tutorial
- MOD Vibration Gloves are now Displacement Glove (player's velocity impacts bolt velocity)
- MOD Items presentation windows colour has changed
- MOD Repulsion improved
- MOD Giant Slime HP decreased
- MOD Cyclops melee and missile damage decreased, now repulse
- MOD A merchant on each floor > 1 now
- MOD Force Challenge room for each floor > 2 if no spell is equipped
- FIX Texts are now in UTF-8
- FIX Monsters out of the game zone
- FIX Persistent particles on some machines/systems

- ADD German version
- FIX Crash when getting the quartz ring

- ADD Particles for player's missiles
- ADD Death Screen
- ADD Force shop generation if there is no one in the previous floor
- ADD Display gold when getting coins
- ADD New starting screen with language selection (English or French) and standard keyboard configuration
- MOD Invert Cyclop and Rat King bosses
- MOD Dual bolt angle is smaller
- MOD Damage's display size increases with damage
- MOD Rat with helmet are slower
- MOD Green rats' don't collide while spawning
- MOD Fairies don't stay stuck in wall/door 
- MOD Player's bounding box is now smaller
- MOD Rat and bat's dying sound's volume is lower now
- MOD Better Bubble physics
- MOD Target Fairy (Scarlett) firerate decreased
- FIX Wrong HP display (bar) when a boss is dying
- FIX Items are not dropped out of screen anymore

- ADD New level with a new boss
- ADD New items
- ADD New familiars (fire and target fairies)
- ADD New monsters variants (rats with helmet, violet slime)
- ADD New monsters (bubble, witches, cauldron)
- ADD New shot type (fire)
- ADD Challenge Room
- ADD Explosions
- ADD Chest's trap
- ADD New tiles : holes
- ADD New decorative tiles
- ADD Display of health items on the minimap
- ADD Display of the damage in the game area
- ADD New graphics for Rat King
- MOD Health items drop's rate decreases
- MOD Rat King berserk's mode is easier now
- MOD Cyclops' falling stones bounce (one time)
- MOD Cyclops has protection before stones are falling
- MOD Butcher drops a silver coin now
- MOD Evil Flower missile's damage decreased
- FIX Sprite center and Z-order
- FIX Giant Slime bug when falling on the wall 
- FIX Freeze when opening a chest while having all the items (but not the fairies)
- FIX Player does not bounce while being repulsed

- ADD New mini-boss
- ADD New first level - easier
- ADD Time control (2x faster)
- ADD Display of HP/HPmax on the life bar
- ADD New health items: apple, bread, cheese (no more potions)
- ADD Monsters can drop health item
- MOD Shot distance is longer
- MOD Acquiring stance can be broken after the half of the time
- MOD Changes in item' level
- MOD Blood Snake damage's bonus decreases 
- MOD Merchant sells cheese an bread now
- FIX Lost item when leaving the game while acquiring the item
- FIX Monsters can leave the game zone while lagging or windows moving
- FIX Player can walk through south wall at the door
- FIX Player's death display artefacts

- ADD New familiar (Ice Fairy)
- ADD New items (4 rings)
- ADD New monster and variants
- ADD New level
- ADD New boss
- ADD Lightning's shot effect and sound
- ADD Special shots levels
- ADD Menu screen
- ADD Keys configuration
- ADD Death animation and sound for bats and rats
- MOD Bolt's bounding box is bigger when testing collision with monsters
- MOD Player's invincibility delay after being shot increases
- MOD Player's diagonal velocity decreases
- MOD Bosses are now in the middle of the room, 2 seconds idle
- MOD Giant Slime's latency decreases
- MOD Resistance and status immunity new system (boss can be frozen now, although it's difficult)
- MOD Player's step sound removed
- MOD New game with [LShift]+[X] now (used to be [X] alone)
- MOD Tutorial's text (first room) removed
- FIX Switching windows while player is dead
- FIX Player can fire while getting an item
- FIX Player does not drop fairies anymore when dying
- FIX Giant Slime life bar corrected
- FIX King Rat protection while berserk

- ADD New enemies (slime and black rat)
- ADD New items
- ADD Item's rarity
- ADD Show player's impact when he's hurt
- ADD New music when the player dies
- ADD New music for boss' fight
- ADD Mouse support - Player can fire with left click, switch shot types with the wheel
- ADD Pause
- ADD Save / restore game
- ADD Slowing (creature state)
- ADD HUD for shot types
- ADD 4 shot types
- ADD Recoil
- ADD New room templates
- ADD Exit stairs
- ADD Collisions between monsters
- ADD Screen's shaking effect
- ADD Configuration file
- ADD New tile's graphics
- MOD Damages inflicted by the player have been modified
- MOD The player's bolt size depend of the damages
- MOD Only useful data displayed on the minimap
- MOD Reduced bounding box for the player's bolt
- MOD Vertical Synchronisation
- MOD 2 health potions in shops now
- FIX Fade in / fade out text bugs
- FIX Merchant z-ordering bug
- FIX It was possible to begin at the exit
- FIX Various bad references crashes
- FIX Double shot used to double drop