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ClamAV Signature Creator (CASC)

IDA Pro Plug-in

The ClamAV Signature Creator (CASC), is an IDA Pro plug-in to aid reverse engineers in creating ClamAV NDB and LDB signatures from IDA Pro's Disassembly or Strings view.

CASC should run on any platform that supports IDA Pro 6.7 and higher. Limited functionality is available for IDA Pro 6.6


The ClamAV Signature Creator (CASC) is easy to install. Simply copy and paste the Python script ( to IDA Pro’s plug-in directory

Operating System IDA Pro Plug-in Path
Windows XP (x86) C:\Program Files\IDA 6.7\plugins\
Windows Vista and higher (x64) C:\Program Files (x86)\IDA 6.7\plugins\
Linux <ida_install_dir>/plug-ins

Support Information

ClamAV Signature Creator (CASC) is meant for creating ClamAV signatures on the sample as it exists on disk. Sub signatures could be based off unpacked code during the sample’s execution, however, ClamAV would not be able to match those signatures (some exception exist for automatic unpackers built into ClamAV).

Tested on

IDA Pro Version OK Notes
6.7 Y
6.6 Y Doesn't support right click option in IDA View or Strings Windows
6.5 N IDA doesn't provide PySide and Qt support

File Types

Architecture Type OK
Intel x86/x64 PE, .NET Y
Intel x86/x64 ELF Y
Intel x86/x64 OSX Y

Opening Plug-in

Once the Python script is copied to the IDA Pro plug-ins folder, open IDA Pro with a sample. There are two ways of opening the plug-in.

  • IDA Pro’s Plug-in Menu (Edit -> Plugins -> ClamAV Signature Creator
  • Press ` (backtik)

Once the plug-in is opened you will be able to view sub signatures created in the past and saved in the IDB, add new misc ClamAV sub signatures, and add sub signatures generated from disassembly selected in the IDB. !(

Creating Sub Signatures

Sub signatures can either be created from disassembly viewable from within IDA Pro or manually from entering/creating a valid ClamAV sub signature.

Insert Misc. Sub Signature

A custom ClamAV sub signature can be created in a couple of different ways:

  • Within the CASC plug-in window, press the Ins key
  • Within the CASC plug-in window, right click and select “Insert”
  • Within the Strings window; select the string(s) of interest, right click, and select “Add string to ClamAV Signature Creator”

Insert Assembly Sub Signature

There are several ways to create a sub signature from disassembly within the IDB. All methods involve first selecting the code you are interested in creating a signature from. Either highlight the code or position and click your cursor in the basic block of interest, then:

  • Within the CASC plug-in window, press Ctrl+Ins
  • Within the CASC plug-in window, right click and select “Insert Assembly”
  • Within the IDA View window by
    • Pressing Ctrl+`
    • Right click and select “Add Assembly to ClamAV Sig Creator…”

The Assembly to Signature window will allow you to insert notes for the sub signature, apply various masking options, and scroll through the opcodes/assembly associated with that sub signature.

Selecting a masking option will change the opcodes and assembly text if the masking option can be applied. Selecting “Customize” will allow you to edit the opcodes (note the assembly area will not update for any customizations made). If you uncheck “Customize” then all previously applied masking options will be applied and the customizations will be deleted.

Common Problems

If a masking option is selected but the opcodes and assembly don’t change: ESP Offsets This will apply to [esp+offset] operands only EBP Offsets This will apply to [ebp+offset] operands only Absolute Calls IDA might display the disassembly as call memset However, that instruction may be a call to a function within the sample that directly calls or jumps to the actual memset function. If that is the case, no changes will be made. Global Offsets Still in testing, report any issues to

Editing Sub Signatures

To edit a signature, simply double click on the signature within the CASC plug-in window and the signature will open up for editing. Any changes made will be saved only if you press OK. Prior to saving a sub signature it will undergo a verification to ensure it correctly conforms to a ClamAV signature component. If any problems exist, clicking the OK but will result in an error message to its right. The error must be corrected before the sub signature will be saved.

Creating ClamAV Signature

Before creating a signature, make sure to give it a descriptive ClamAV signature name (the default is Win.Trojan.Agent). Once a sub signature(s) is created, you can select one or more sub signatures from the CASC plug-in window (use Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple signatures) and click the “Create ClamAV Signature”

Once the “Create ClamAV Signature” button is click a dialog box with a formatted email will be displayed for the user to send to ClamAV’s community-sigs list. Selecting the hyperlink is a mailto: link. It will attempt to copy the signature information displayed to the systems default mail client. Keep in mind if any special characters are used then the email’s contents may not be correct and will need to be manually copied over.

Sample email content


I've created a ClamAV Signature (C:\malware.exe) 
with the IDA Pro ClamAV Signature Creator plugin. 
Please FP test and publish if it passes.

Sample MD5: 5BDF78F6C46557A12F50BA95EC133539

Sig0 (0x435e7b, 0x435e84):
Strange function epilogue seen over and over


Bugs and Support

There is no support provided with CASC.

If you think you've found a bug, please report it at:

In order to help us solve your issues as quickly as possible, please include the following information when filing a bug:

  • The version of IDA Pro you're using
  • The operating system used to run IDA Pro
  • Any CASC related errors printed out in IDA Pro's output window
  • Task trying to accomplish
  • Any other relevant information

Other options for communication can be found at:

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