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Uninstalling ClamAV

If you installed from source


sudo make uninstall

If you installed from packages

  • Debian:

    dpkg --remove clamav*

  • Redhat/Fedora:

    yum remove clamav*

  • Mandriva:

    urpme clamav

  • Gentoo:

    emerge -C clamav

  • FreeBSD?:

    pkg_deinstall -f security/clamav*

  • Slackware:

    /etc/rc.d/rc.clamav stop; removepkg clamav


Make sure that you haven’t got old libraries ( lying around your filesystem. You can verify it using: _

$ ldd which freshclam

Also make sure there is really only one version of ClamAV installed on your system:

$ whereis freshclam

$ whereis clamscan