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Flokibot Tools

PayloadDump takes a Flokibot sample like 7bd22e3147122eb4438f02356e8927f36866efa0cc07cc604f1bff03d76222a6, and extracts payload binaries from the compressed/encrypted PE resources. It outputs a file named BOT32 or BOT64 in the current working directory.

python samples\7bd22e3147122eb4438f02356e8927f36866efa0cc07cc604f1bff03d76222a6 BOT32
Successfully Dumped payload BOT32

ConfigDump takes a 32 bit Flokibot payload extracted using PayloadDump, and extracts the obfuscated config block containing a C2 URL and an RC4 network key. It outputs a file named config.bin, and prints out the URL contained in the deobfuscated config block.

python BOT32
Successfully dumped config.bin.
URL: https://adultgirlmail[.]com/mail/gate[.]php

Required Python Libraries

  • pefile
  • rc4
pip install pefile rc4