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Awesome Webex Awesome

A curated list of Cisco Webex resources for developers, inspired by awesome-go and awesome-python.

Currently gathers resources only for Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) as documented at Webex for Developers.
Looking for developer resources for Webex Devices? check awesome-xapi.
Looking for developer resources for Webex Meetings? check the Getting Started guide for Webex Meetings.


Please take a quick gander at the Contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

If you see a package or project here that is no longer maintained or is not a good fit, please submit a pull request to improve this file. Thank you!


DISCLAIMER: Cisco does not make any commitments about the resources listed in this document, nor the accuracy of the third party resources and any content accessible via the links below.

Bot frameworks

Libraries to code your own bots and integrations implementing Webhooks and/or the OAuth Grant Flow.

  • Java
    • odl-sparkbot - An SDK for developing clients and bots on top of the OpenDaylight platform (by jmedved).
  • Javascript
    • Botkit - Build conversational bots that can live on multiple platforms (by Howdy.ai).
    • bot-connector - Connect your bot to multiple messaging channels (by Recast.ai).
    • flint - Bot SDK for Node.js (by nmarus).
    • hubot-spark - A Hubot integration (by tonybaloney).
    • hubot-sparkwebhook - A Hubot adapter (by marchfederico).
    • node-sparkbot - Build bots in Node.js and experiment webhooks (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
  • Perl
    • cisco_spark-perl - Asynchronous Bot and HTTP Client Library for Perl (by akalinux).
  • PHP
    • botman - Driver to connect with BotMan (by mpociot).
  • Python

Client SDKs

REST API clients

  • C#
    • SparkDotNet - An unofficial dotnet library for consuming the RESTful APIs (by darrenparkinson).
  • Go
  • Haskell
  • Java
    • spark-java-sdk - A Java library for consuming the RESTful APIs (by Cisco Webex).
  • Node.js
    • ciscospark - A collection of Node.js modules targeting our REST API (by Cisco Webex).
    • sparkclient - A simple Node.js module (by marchfederico).
    • sparky - A simple API wrapper for Node.js (by nmarus).
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
    • aiociscospark - Python 3 asynchronous API client (by andriyko).
    • ciscosparkapi - Simple, lightweight, scalable Python API wrapper (by cmlccie).
    • pyCiscoSpark - Python library (by brbester).
    • spark-python-sdk - Python module for consuming the RESTful APIs (by Bassintag551).
  • Ruby

Advanced APIs

  • SDK for Android - Integrate messaging and calling in your Android apps (by Cisco Webex).
  • SDK for Browsers - Integrate calling into your client-side Javascript applications (by Cisco Webex).
  • SDK for iOS - Integrate messaging and calling in your iOS apps (by Cisco Webex).
  • SDK for Windows - Integrate messaging and calling in your Windows apps (by Cisco Webex).
  • Widgets - React components that mimic the Web user experience (by Cisco Webex).

Code samples

REST API samples

  • Node.js
    • integration-sample - Creating a server-side OAuth integration (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
    • node-sparky-samples - Client samples with node-sparky (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
    • spark-messages - A collection of helpers to ensure consistent formatting of markdown messages (by brh55).
  • Python
  • Ruby
    • Fault Report - Reporting dystem for efficient Fault Resolution (by jfield44).

Bot samples

  • Java
    • Midori - An extensible chat robot platform (by midoricorp).
    • QuizBot - Answer a technology quiz, get scored (by LucaCalabrese).
  • Node.js
    • email2spark - Move an email thread to a space using Mailgun (by marchfederico).
    • generator-spark-bot - A yeoman generator that scaffolds out a bot with usability and simplicity in mind (by brh55).
    • sparkbot-samples - Examples of bots, leveraging the node-sparkbot framework (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
    • sparkbotstarter - Starter kit for a simple bot leveraging flint (by valgaze).
    • zbot - Play the Zork interactive game in spaces (by akalsey).
  • Node.js (Botkit)
  • PHP
  • Python
    • ciscosparkapi bots - Flask, webpy and pyramid bot examples (by cmlccie).
    • My Hero - Vote for your favorite superhero, deploy as a docker container on Mantl.io (by hpreston).
    • pyIntegration - Flask OAuth example utilizing ciscosparkapi (by lorashley).
    • Room Finder - Bot to a meeting room finder interfaced with Microsoft Exchange (by Guismo1).
    • Walkthrough - Quick walkthrough to build a simple bot (by JustinDupree).

Mobile samples

  • Android
    • Kitchen Sink - Developer friendly sample to showcase the Android SDK features (by Cisco Webex).
    • Goggles - ‘You See What I See’ remote expert app for augmented reality headsets (by Promptworks).
    • Wrapper - Embed video calls into your Android App in a few lines of code (by weddle).
  • iOS
    • Buddies - Application which combines message/call in a UI (by Cisco Webex).
    • iOS SDK Wrapper - Wrapper library offering a drop in voice and video calling component (by jfield44).
    • Kitchen Sink - Developer friendly sample to showcase the iOS SDK features (by Cisco Webex).
    • Notification Server - Receive Incoming Call Notifications using Apple Push Notification Service (by Cisco Webex).

Web SDK & Widgets samples

  • SDK for Browsers
    • call samples - Offical samples of the Browser SDK in action (by Cisco Webex).
  • Widgets
    • custom-menu - Creating custom activities (by adamweeks).
    • oauth-example - Widget OAuth example with the Javascript SDK (by adamweeks).
    • webdialer - Test calls and overlay an existing Web site (by achhabra2).
    • widget-samples - Examples for the Space and Recents widgets (by ObjectIsAdvantag).

Integration services

Cloud platforms and wiring engines to build applications with little to no coding

  • Cloud Services - Create integrations or assemble from pre-built modules (priced services with trials)
    • API.AI - Create Teams bots with natural language understanding.
    • Built.io - Pre-defined Teams templates (signin required).
    • Gupshup - How to build and deploy a Teams bot.
    • IFTTT - Webex Teams recipies.
    • Recast - Collaborative platform to build, train, deploy and monitor bots.
    • Stamplay - Integrate and automate Webex Teams.
    • Workato - Get more out of Webex Teams by connecting it.
    • Zapier - Recommended zaps for Webex Teams.
  • Wiring Engines
    • node-red - Node-RED Node.js binding to Webex Teams (by nmarus).


Resources maintained by Cisco Product teams and Developer Communities

  • Developer Community Spaces
    • Botkit devs - The Botkit developer community space.
    • Flint devs - The node-flint developer community space.
    • Python devs - The Python developer community space.
    • #webex4devs - Get help from developer support and community (by Webex for Developers).
  • Learn
    • API documentation - The reference documentation (by Webex for Developers).
    • Blog - Samples and API updates (by Webex for Developers).
    • Learning track - Learn the REST API, build bots, embed Video Calls (by CiscoDevNet).
    • Rate limiting - Explains 429 & Retry-After HTTP header (by Webex for Developers).
    • Videos - A YouTube playlist to discover how to setup and manage Webex Teams (by Cisco).
    • What's new and coming - New and upcoming features for Webex Teams (by Cisco).
  • Security
  • Share
    • ambassadors - A worldwide network of professionals (by Cisco).
    • app hub - Catalog for bots & integrations (by Cisco).
    • community of interest - Share your passion for bots and integrations, learn from others (by CiscoDevNet).
    • creations - Inspire others by sharing your code (by CiscoDevNet).
    • partner program - Get Started as a Webex Partner (by Cisco).
  • Support
    • devsupport - 24/7 developer support community (by Webex for Developers).
    • geos - Quickly check where Webex Teams is available (by Cisco Webex).
    • media test - Test your TCP/UDP network eligibility (by Cisco Webex).
    • release notes - Improvements and fixes for Webex Teams applications (by Cisco).
    • status page - Service availability page for the APIs (by Cisco Webex).


Handy tools to browse or interact with the APIs

  • guestissuer - CLI to generate Persistent Guest tokens (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
  • interactive documentation - Toogle "Test mode" in the API documentation (by Webex for Developers).
  • postman-ciscospark - Scripted Postman collections to generate code and more (by ObjectIsAdvantag).
  • sparkcli - A command line interface (by tdeckers).
  • spark-space-archive - Archive messages to a single HTML file (by DJF3).
  • swagger-cisco-spark - Swagger definition file for the REST API v1 (by nmarus).
  • websocket-events - An unsupported hack to get events thru a native websocket (by marchfederico).
  • whproxy - Proxy incoming webhooks to established websockets (by sgrimee).