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This resource was made by the Webex Teams Developer community and wouldn't be possible without you!

We appreciate and recognize all contributors.

Contribution Guidelines

To add, remove, or change the curated list:, submit a pull request

To set this list apart from and complement the official Webex Teams API documentation, this repo is a specially curated list for high-quality, actively maintained resources.

  • Please contribute links to packages/projects you have used or are familiar with. This will help ensure high-quality entries.
  • Add one resource per Pull Request.
  • Search existing resources before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Enforce this formatting : * resource-name - A short description ends with a period.
  • Keep descriptions clear, concise, and non-promotional
  • Add a section if needed
    • Needs bibliotica 3 (minimum required) to create a new section
    • Add the section description.
    • Add the section title to Table of Contents.
  • Don't mention Webex Teams in the resource description as it's implied.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Remove any trailing whitespace.

In case of doubt, we'll leave it to the community to decide if the resource should be added, by placing votes on the Pull Request. 10+ votes will make the resource automatically added.

Quality standards

To be on the list, github repositories should adhere to these quality standards:

  • Code functions as documented and expected
  • Generally useful to the wider community of Webex Teams developers
  • Actively maintained
    • Regular, recent commits
    • Or, for finished projects, issues and pull requests are responded to
  • Stable or progressing toward stable
  • Thoroughly documented (README, comments, samples etc.)
  • Tests, where practical

Reporting issues

Please open an issue if you would like to discuss anything that could be improved or have suggestions for making the list a more valuable resource.

We realize sometimes projects fall into abandonment or have breaking builds for extended periods of time, so if you see that, feel free to change its listing or let us know.

We also realize that sometimes projects are just going through transitions or are more experimental in nature. These can still be cool, but we can indicate them as transitory or experimental.

Removal changes will not be applied until they have been pending for a minimum of 1 week (7 days).

This grace window benefits projects that may be going through a temporary transition but are otherwise worthy of being on the list.

Thanks everyone!