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# Author: Kevin Boutarel
# Date: 11/05/2015
# Purpose: Delete an IPv4 unicast route to the ODL Controller
# Usage: python ODL_IP_address destination_prefix
import sys
from basics.interface import interface_names
from v4_uni_app_route import app_route
def main():
if(sys.argv < 1):
print("Usage: python ODL_IP_address router_IP_address destination_prefix")
# Store command line arguments
#odl_ip = sys.argv[1]
#destination_prefix = sys.argv[2]
odl_ip = "localhost"
destination_prefix = ''
# Create an app route
route = app_route(odl_ip)
# Delete the app route from the controller
print("Deleting route going to %s from the controller %s" % (destination_prefix, odl_ip))
print("Route deleted => Connection open to %s\n" % (destination_prefix))
if __name__ == "__main__":