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"""ODL BGP App peer wrapper (IPv4 unicast only)
Copyright (c) 2015 Cisco Systems, Inc. and others. All rights reserved.
get_app_route - gets one specific app route
parameter: IPv4 prefix
del_app_route - deletes one specific app route
parameter: IPv4 prefix
put_app_route - adds an app route
parameters: IPv4 prefix, attributes
#!/usr/bin/env python
import json
import requests
import urllib
class app_route(object):
base_hdr = { 'Authorization' : 'Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=',
'Content-Type' : 'application/json' }
routes = '/bgp-rib:application-rib/example-app-rib' \
'/tables/bgp-types:ipv4-address-family' \
'/bgp-types:unicast-subsequent-address-family' \
base_url = ""
attributes = {}
def __init__(self, controller_ip):
self.base_url = 'http://%s:8181/restconf/config' % controller_ip
def _make_url(self, prefix):
return self.base_url + self.routes + '/ipv4-route/' + urllib.quote_plus(prefix)
def _get_data(self, url):
return json.loads(requests.get(url, headers=self.base_hdr).text)
def _del_data(self, url):
return requests.delete(url, headers=self.base_hdr)
def _put_data(self, url, data):
return requests.put(url, data=json.dumps(data), headers=self.base_hdr)
def get_app_route(self, prefix):
return self._get_data(self._make_url(prefix))
def del_app_route(self, prefix):
return self._del_data(self._make_url(prefix))
def put_app_route(self, prefix, attributes):
self._put_data(self._make_url(prefix), {"bgp-inet:ipv4-route":[{"prefix":prefix, "attributes":attributes}]})