Various pyATS-based Test Automation Scripts
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pyATS Sample Scripts

The best method to master pyATS test framework is to learn-by-example. This repository contains various scripts that showcases the many features and packages of pyATS.

General Information


pyATS & its examples supports Python 3.4+ on Linux & Mac systems. Windows is not yet supported.

Getting Started

The examples included in this repository expects you to have a Python environment with pyATS packages installed. Alternatively, you can always setup a new virtual environment as sandbox.

$ python3 -m venv pyats_sandbox
$ cd pyats_sandbox
$ source bin/activate
$ pip install pyats

$ git clone

Sample Script Usage

There are two ways to run a typical pyATS script:

  1. through easypy, which generates log and archives
  2. as standalone, and prints results to screen
$ cd pyats-sample-scripts/basic

$ easypy job/

$ python

Refer to each job file's docstring on details of command-line arguments.