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#Bundle profiles

Contains bundle profiles to be used with the script as described in the README.

An excerpt from the README on how to construct a bundle profile

A sample bundle profile file is described below. The file is in a JSON format. Specify the name of your bundle, the version of the bundle and the ydk_version, which refers to the version of the ydk core package you want to use with this bundle. The name of the bundle here is especially important as this will form part of the installation path of the bundle.

    "version": "0.1.0",
    "ydk_version": "0.5.0",
    "Author": "Cisco",
    "Copyright": "Cisco",
    "Description": "Cisco IOS-XR Native Models From Git",

The "models" section of the file describes where to source models from. There are 3 sources:

  • Directories
  • Specific files
  • Git, within which specific relative directories and files may be referenced

The sample below shows the use of git sources only.

    "models": {
        "git": [

We have a list of git sources. Each source must specify a URL. This URL should be one that allows the repository to be cloned without requiring user intervention, so please use a public URL such as the example below. There are three further options that can be specified:

  • commitid - Optional specification of a commit in string form. The files identified will be copied from the context of this commit.
  • dir - List of relative directory paths within git repository. All .yang files in this directory and any sub-directories will be pulled into the generated bundle.
  • file- List of relative file paths within the git repository.

Only directory examples are shown below.

                "url": "",
                "dir": [
                "url": "",
                "commitid": "f6b4e2d59d4eedf31ae8b2fa3119468e4c38259c",
                "dir": [
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