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Collection of gadgets for Cisco Finesse
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Added a note to indicate the SMS gadget will no longer work as is.
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Call History Gadget

Finesse now offers a native call history gadget in 11.6.

See the Release Notes for complete details.

  1. Tally of the agents total inbound/outbound calls and duration for the day
  2. Data can be sorted by clicking on the table header
  3. The Detail field can show information captured by the IVR. For Example an account number
  4. The Call Back button puts the agents in a not ready state of your choosing, prepends an access code for external numbers, places the call, and then puts the agent back into a ready state when the call is complete.

Installation instructions are Here

Cisco SMS Gadget - Discontinued!

10/1/18 - Update

This gadget was built with Tropo as the SMS platform. Due to a change in Tropo's service offerings, This gadget will not work as is. I am leaving it online for people that would like to adapt it to work with other SMS platforms. For further details on the Tropo changes. Please read THIS post.

SMS Gadget Installation Guide is available Here

If you run into any issues/bugs, please add an issues so I can track it.

Send your questions/feedback to or @bmcallister



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