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Relay API


All docs have to contain a schema_version field. Current version can be found at:

All entities should have an id, in your case it’s a transient as it’s not something stored/accessible at some place using HTTP. A transient is just a string, you need to concatenate transient: with an UUID. For example: transient:616608f4-7658-49f1-8728-d9a3dde849d5.

Sightings need a count field. Example can be found at

Good Practices When Possible property, that allows you to add a semi-structured map of key-value pairs. Example can be found at

Put some of the Indicator explanation in the Sighting description, which is markdown. Example can be found at

Set resolution field to “blocked” if it was blocked. Example can be found at

If source for sighting is a distinct appliance (WAF, IDS) Sighting.sensor_object can be set to identify the specific instance that detected.