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Puppet module providing things for vSwitches. At the moment OVS is the only one I've added but please feel free to pull request this!

It's based upon types & providers so we can support more then just OVS or one vSwitch type.

Current layout is: bridges - A "Bridge" is basically the thing you plug ports / interfaces into. ports - A Port is a interface you plug into the bridge (switch).

USAGE: Place this directory at: /vswitch

Then in your manifest you can either use the things as parameterized classes: class {"vswitch::bridge": name => "br-ex" } class {"vswitch::port": interface => "eth0", bridge => "br-ex" }

Or you can use them as "Providers": vs_bridge {"br-ex":} vs_port {"eth0": bridge => "br-ex"}


  • OpenFlow controller settings
  • OpenFlow Settings
  • OpenFlow Tables
  • More facts
  • Others that are not named here
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