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# Accept the VMware End User License Agreement
# Set the root password for the DCUI and Tech Support Mode
rootpw Cisco.123
# The install media is in the CD-ROM drive
install --firstdisk --overwritevmfs
# Set the network to static IP address
network --bootproto=static --device=vmnic0 --ip={{ ip }} --netmask={{ netmask }} --gateway={{ gateway }} --hostname={{ name }} --nameserver={{ nameserver }}
# A sample post-install script
%post --interpreter=python --ignorefailure=true
import time
stampFile = open('/finished.stamp', mode='w')
stampFile.write( time.asctime() )
%firstboot --interpreter=busybox
vsan_syslog_key = "KUBAM"
logger $vsan_syslog_key " Enabling and Starting SSH"
vim-cmd hostsvc/enable_ssh
vim-cmd hostsvc/start_ssh
logger $vsan_syslog_key " Enabling and Starting ESXi Shell"
vim-cmd hostsvc/enable_esx_shell
vim-cmd hostsvc/start_esx_shell
logger $vsan_syslog_key " Suppressing ESXi Shell Warning"
esxcli system settings advanced set -o /UserVars/SuppressShellWarning -i 1
# register with vcenter
esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient
wget -O