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PPSR Core standards repsository
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PPSR Core Data & Metadata Standards Repsository


Note that this repository is the cannonical version of the PPSR-Core Standard.


The PPSR-Core initiative is being coordinated and facilitated as a global initiative under the auspices of the US Citizen Science Association Data and Metadata Working Group. The purpose of this working group is to develop international standards for citizen science data and metadata, with the goal of support, advance, and facilitate data interoperability among and between citizen science projects and other data repositories; and, to promote collaboration in citizen science via the development and/or improvement of international standards for data and metadata.

Major Objectives:

  1. Develop a formal ontology to describe citizen science, including information on citizen science project metadata, to support research on citizen science, advance practice by demonstrating data quality, and allow different project databases to share information.
  2. Link the citizen science ontology to relevant standards describing citizen science data sets, to support discoverability and reuse of citizen generated data.
  3. Link the citizen science ontology and identified metadata standards to a suite of tools, technologies, and platforms that facilitate data collection and analysis to create a global network for citizen science data collection, curation, and use.

For further information about the CSA Data & Metadata Working Group, see the attached wiki page in this repository.

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