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Apply the hyperlink style to hyperlinks in in-text citations

[> Deutsche Version]

You linked citations in your text to the bibliography as described in our manual. Now you'd like the links to appear in another color (blue, for example). For this to occur, each citation should have the Word Hyperlink style applied to it.


The macro for Microsoft Word provided here helps you to achieve this goal.


Word Macro: Citavi 4 und 5

Word Macro: Citavi 6

Word Macro: Citavi 6 (only year as hyperlink)


  1. Download the Macro provided above.
  2. Start Word.
  3. In Word press ALT+F11 to open the VBA macro editor.
  4. In the Macro Editor on the File menu, select Import file.
  5. Select the CitaviReferenceLink-hyperlink.bas file you downloaded.
  6. Close the Macro Editor.
  7. In Word, right-click the Quick Access Toolbar (i.e. the toolbar found at the very top of Word.)
  8. Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar. Under Choose commmands from, select Macros.
  9. Select the Normal.Modul.CitaviReferenceLink macro you just added.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click OK.

You can now continue inserting references in your document with Citavi's Add-In for Word. To apply the hyperlink style to all of your citations, click the macro symbol in the Quick Access Toolbar.


Sebastian Pabel @sebastianpabel

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