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2012-02-10 Mike Burns <>
* lib/paperclip/version.rb, ChangeLog, NEWS: Bump to 2.6.0.
2012-02-06 Kelley Reynolds <>
* filesystem.rb (to_file), fog.rb (to_file), s3.rb (to_file): Rewind after
reading from the file.
* filesystem.rb (flush_writes): Replace mv and unlink complication with a
cp, since the unlink already happens elsewhere.
2012-02-03 Luke Griffiths <>
* lib/paperclip.rb (has_attached_file), lib/paperclip/attachment_options.rb,
attachment_options_test.rb, test/helper.rb, paperclip_test.rb:
Introduce Paperclip::AttachmentOptions, a hash-like object that knows about
Paperclip-specific options, defaults, and deprecations.
2012-02-03 Jon Yurek <>
* lib/paperclip/matchers/validate_attachment_content_type_matcher.rb
(matches?, type_allowed?),
lib/paperclip/matches/validate_attachment_presence_matcher.rb (matches?,
error_when_not_valid?, no_error_when_valid?),
lib/paperclip/matches/validate_attachment_size_matcher.rb (matches?,
Validation matchers respect conditionals.
2012-02-01 Justin Ko <>
* lib/paperclip/railtie.rb (insert): Guard against the Rails constant not
2012-01-27 Prem Sichanugrist <>
* lib/paperclip/attachment.rb (assign), attachment_test.rb,
filesystem_test.rb, s3_test.rb:
Introduce :restricted_characters in Paperclip::Attachment.default_options as
an overrideable blacklist of characters that will be replaced with an
* lib/paperclip/version.rb: Bump to 2.5.2.
2012-01-27 Prem Sichanugrist <>
* test/storage/s3_live_test.rb, test/storage/s3_test.rb:
Remove the questionmark filename test, for Windows compatibility.
2012-01-19 Benjamin Hüttinger <>
* lib/paperclip/storage/fog.rb: fog_host, fog_credentials, and fog_directory
can be Proc objects.
2012-01-27 Mike Burns <>
* lib/paperclip/version.rb: Bump to 2.5.1.
2012-01-20 Jon Yurek <>
* lib/paperclip/railtie.rb (insert): Hide ActiveRecord-specific stuff in
the Railtie
2012-01-18 Luke Griffiths <>
* lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb (self.extended),
test/storage/s3_live_test.rb, test/storage/s3_test.rb: Add S3 encryption
2012-01-16 Jeremy McNevin <> and ralph <>
* lib/paperclip/storage/fog.rb (flush_writes), fog_test.rb: Pass the
content type to Fog.