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===== Citizens - NPCs for Bukkit =====
By fullwall and aPunch

*--- v1.0.9 ---
-updated to Minecraft Beta 1.7.2
-updated to latest CraftBukkit Recommended Build
-new save system, all NPCs will now save in npc-profiles.yml instead of in multiple files
-fixed many bugs with commands (using sk89q's command interfaces - thanks sk89q!)
-added API events for plugin authors - documentation to come later
-added Evil NPCs, see mobs.yml for configurable settings
-added ability to have custom NPC creation and selection messages in citizens.yml
-blacksmith pricing changed - you can now specify the base price for each material (diamond, gold, wood, etc.)
-added waypoints for NPCs - type /npc path in-game to edit an NPC's waypoints
-moved item overrides to citizens.yml
-data values now work for traders
-added '/citizens' command to view version and authors
-added '/citizens reload' command to reload Citizens settings
-added '/citizens save' to force a save of Citizens files
-pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns can now be used an helmets for NPCs

*--- v1.0.9a ---
-guard fixes (THEY STILL DO NOT WORK 100%)
-trader command fixes
-fixed /npc remove command

*--- v1.0.9b ---
-fixed NPCs not saving
-added command suggestions ("Unknown command. Did you mean: ....")
-trader command fixes
-added /trader clear [buy|sell] command for clearing a trader's stock
-added /toggle [list|help] for toggling help

*--- v1.0.9c ---
-added '/citizens debug' command to toggle Citizens debug-mode
-added 'debug-mode' property in citizens.yml
-added 'quick-select' property in citizens.yml; if it is set to true, an NPC will be selected and
 perform its action all at once when you select it
-fixed random chunk generation bug (?)
-fixed memory leak issues (?)

*--- v1.0.9d ---
-if you have the 'citizens.admin' node and the node 'general.notify-updates' is set to true, you will
 be notified if a new version of Citizens is available
-fixed Evil NPCs spawning in blocks
-fixed Evil NPCs failing to get damaged properly
-wizard-interact-item can now be set to '*'
-added option to have a wizard with unlimited mana (toggle using in-game command '/wizard unlimited')
-any single quotes around config values will now break the plugin (100% intended)
-fixed economy plugin accounts going negative when using blacksmiths
-fixed inventory not updating properly while making purchases
-fixed wrong amount of item currency being removed from inventory when using a blacksmith
-support for built-in Bukkit permissions system ('general.use-bukkit-permissions' node in citizens.yml)
-fixed Evil NPCs not attacking until attacked
-revamped permissions nodes again (see documentation on GitHub wiki)
-fixed economy plugin accounts going negative when creating an NPC
-added ability to give a 'citizens.npccount.(amount)' node to players, with (amount) being the maximum NPCs
 that a player/group can create (use 'citizens.npccount.unlimited' for unlimited NPCs)
-changed '/npc talkclose', '/npc lookat', and '/trader unlimited' commands to not use true/false arguments, now
 you can just toggle them
-replaced '/npc id' and '/npc owner' commands with '/npc', which also shows the NPC's current type(s)
-fixed renaming an NPC resetting its toggled types
-changed '/blacksmith uses' to '/blacksmith status', now shows cost of repairing your in-hand item

*--- v1.1 ---
-Citizens is now modular! You can download the full package or a customized ZIP file at
-Questers (see the Quester page on for more information)
-Guards (see the Guard page for more information)
-updated to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1
-updated to latest CraftBukkit Recommended Build
-added support for MultiCurrency, BOSEconomy7, and iConomy6
-added 'citizens.evils.immune' permission node, those with this node will not be attacked by Evil NPCs
-added ability to have an NPC say multiple lines of text at once using the <br> tag
-added '/citizens clean' command as a temporary workaround command to remove any "ghost NPCs", its effects
 are only noticable upon relogging
-added 'evil.spawn.chance' node in mobs.yml
-added 'citizens.admin.override.setowner' and 'citizens.admin.override.remove' nodes, see wiki for more info
-added configurable mana-costs for wizards ('wizards.mana-costs') nodes in citizens.yml
-added '' node in citizens.yml, the value you specify is the character that you can
 use to add spaces to NPC names
-added ability to have any Citizens console errors automatically report to if
 the node 'debug.enable-error-reporting' is true, you can set the name that is associated with each report
 by changing the 'debug.error-reporting-ident' node
-made lots of changes to configuration settings; delete all config files and let them regenerate (if you fail
 to do so there will be issues)
-healers now are used by right-clicking, not left-clicking
-moved economy settings from economy.yml to citizens.yml
-Evil NPCs no longer drop diamond swords
-you can no longer set '*' as a wizard's interact-item
-/npc remove all command no longer requires an NPC to be selected to execute
-changed 'general.debug-mode' node to 'debug.debug-mode'
-fixed saving bug with waypoints
-fixed compatibility with Bukkit permissions
-fixed copied NPCs moving back to the original NPCs location on a server restart/reload
-fixed '/npc moveto' command requiring all arguments, now only requires x, y, and z coords to work
-fixed npc arrow spam
-removed item economy; now if 'economy.use-economy' is true and an economy plugin is detected, Citizens will use
 that plugin, otherwise everything is free
-removed support for Permissions 2.7.x/3.x
-removed '/npc item' and '/npc armor' commands in favor of new '/npc equip' command that toggles item-edit
-removed 'slashes-to-spaces' node in citizens.yml
*API CHANGES (for developers, the API page on our Wiki for more information):
-added CitizensEnableEvent and CitizensDisableEvent for when Citizens is enabled/disabled
-added NPCRemoveEvent, called when an NPC is manually or naturally removed from a world
-merged NPCSpawnEvent and NPCCreateEvent
-added CitizensReloadEvent, only called when '/citizens reload' command is used
-added NPCToggleTypeEvent
-added CitizensManager, use this for checking isNPC, getting an NPC from a UID or entity, etc; we recommend
 to no longer use NPCManager
*--- v1.1.1 ---
-new admin quester commands
-optional quest objectives
-rewards for quest steps and objectives
-support for more permissions plugins
-fixed Spout incompatibility issues
-fixed waypoint issues
-fixed numerous quester issues
-better multiworld support
-many other bugfixes
-added a few Quest events - QuestBeginEvent, QuestAbortEvent, QuestCompleteEvent

*--- v1.1.2 ---
-updated to latest CraftBukkit Recommended Build
-added ability to execute some quest commands in the console
-various quest fixes/changes

*--- v1.2 ---
-updated to CraftBukkit Recommended Build 1.2.5-R1.0
-Web error reporting.
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