Request: Ability to set a destination without a pathfinder #1030

Nutty101 opened this Issue Dec 27, 2016 · 2 comments


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Not sure if this is an option. is it or would it be possible to set a destination (1 or 2 blocks away) with out the use of the pathfinder? Since I am already finding my own path, it's kinda redundant to re-find a path. I have been tempted to build a navigator but that would cause more issues with other citizens plugins that rely on looking at the is-navigating portion of the NPC navigator to see if the NPC is busy.


Why not just move the NPC yourself? Currently this is exposed via NMS.setDestination but can think of a way to put it into the Navigator API a little better.


I had toyed with that, but never got it working right. If i recall i needed to set more items to make it work, yaw etc. Will look at it again tomorrow, brain is toast tonight. Thanks again.

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