Protection state not working. #1052

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TheLimeGlass commented Jan 18, 2017 edited

This works
Boolean test = npc.isProtected();

This doesn't work

Please check out the protection state method. I'm 99% sure it does nothing in the damage event. It's always in protected state for the damage event after spawning an Npc. This is critical for my server as I want to allow damaging for Citizens.

The value gets set but it never actually uses the protection state in the damage event or something. The protection state is false but still can't deal damage. Spawning a NPC from command and adding vulnerable works and allows for damaging, but using the API doesn't.

Also this only applies on PLAYER entity type citizens.

Spigot version: 1.11 R0.1 and same error with 1.11.2 R0.1
Citizens version: 2.0.21 Build 1464

@mcmonkey4eva mcmonkey4eva referenced this issue in CitizensDev/CitizensAPI Jan 18, 2017

Protection state is not working. #24

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