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I am trying to understand waypoints in wander mode. It appears to be broken = BUG.

Environment: Spigot 1.11.2 latest, Citizens 2.0.21-SNAPSHOT (build 1467), Sentinel 1.0 (build 90), and a full array of the usual plugins to support Multiverse.

Setup: I created a Citizens/Sentinel tamed wolf, inside a 10x10 box, min={ 10 3 10 }, max={ 20 3 20 }, walls too high to jump. I set waypoints=wander. I observed that the dog wandered, but in a very small area. I stopped the server and edited saved.yml to set the location at the center of the box { 15.5 3 15.5 } and wander.xrange=wander.yrange=7.

What happens: The dog wanders, but only in a 4x4 (approx) square in the NW corner of the box.

What should happen: I would like dog to wander the entire box. I do not find documentation for the wander nodes, so I'm not sure what I might change to achieve this. Any guidance appreciated.


Try latest build. Also added a text command you can use in /npc path

SlimeDog commented Jan 24, 2017 edited

Thanks. I set /waypoints provider wander and used /npc path to set xrange=yrange=7. The dog wandered off. Not sure how to proceed.


Spigot 1.11.2, Citizens build 1471. The dog still just wanders off. Relevant data from saves.yml

            world: world
            x: '-86.5'
            y: '69.0'
            z: '221.5'
            yaw: '-90.0'
            pitch: '0.0'
    provider: wander
      xrange: 7
      yrange: 7
    stats_ticksSpawned: 30388071
    stats_timesSpawned: 2130
    stats_arrowsFired: 0
    stats_potionsThrow: 0
    stats_fireballsFired: 0
    stats_punches: 628
    stats_attackAttempts: 2604
    stats_damageTaken: 7.497600088119507
    stats_damageGiven: 489.7479998469353
    range: 20.0
    damage: -1.0
    armor: -1.0
    health: 20.0
    ranged_chase: false
    close_chase: true
    invincible: false
    fightback: true
    attackRate: 30
    healRate: 30
    guardingUpper: 0
    guardingLower: 0
    needsAmmo: false
    safeShot: true
    respawnTime: 100
    chaseRange: 100.0
    enemyDrops: false
    enemyTargetTime: 0
    stats_snowballsThrown: 0
    stats_eggsThrown: 0
    stats_skullsThrown: 0
    stats_pearlsUsed: 0
    attackRateRanged: 30
    speed: 2.0
    greet_range: 10.0
    autoswitch: false
    accuracy: 0.0
      world: world
      x: '-86.5'
      y: '69.0'
      z: '221.5'
      yaw: '-90.0'
      pitch: '0.0'
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