Citizens using a ton of resources in 1.9.4 compared to 1.8.8 [Bug] #1054

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Screenshot taken with the Top plugin, which greatly helps monitor resource use on servers.

Relevent plugin versions:

Spigot 1.9.4 R0.1 Snapshot (build#53)
Citizens 2.0.18-SNAPSHOT
Quests 2.7.4
MythicMobs 2.5.1
MythicLib 1.0.1

Ever since I began updating my server from 1.8.8 to 1.9.4, the Citizens plugin has been using a good 90%+ of my total resources. It is very low when there are no citizens present and my server has a great many of them. (50+). Since Citizens build 1308, has the save file for Citizens been changed or optimized in a way that is more efficient and I am simply using an outdated version?

All citizens are players, taking skins from Mojang's servers. This was not an issue in 1.8.8.


Hmm... not really sure what that plugin is showing me. Can you use something like MassiveLag instead to provide more accurate information?

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