Chicken NPC causing Exception #986

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When starting the server, Citizens does not load the NPCs with the EntityType chicken. It is throwing an error instead:

Tested with build 1430 - 1436

saves.yml entry of the affected NPC.

    name: ยง4Snack
    uuid: 88a312ff-04c5-416f-8bac-2b81c5dca0ec
      spawned: true
      type: CHICKEN
        age: 0
        locked: true
        world: world
        x: '31.4707'
        y: '63.3125'
        z: '15.5068'
        yaw: '-226.78228759765625'
        pitch: '0.0'
        owner: _EFFIX_
        uuid: a1bb7b8b-a460-4e3b-8797-d66490dedfdc
    traitnames: spawned,type,age,location,owner
      speedmodifier: '1.0'
      avoidwater: false
      usedefaultstuckaction: true

Using the latest version of PaperSpigot

[15:11:38 INFO]: This server is running Paper version git-Paper-933 (MC: 1.11) (Implementing API version 1.11-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)


Hmm can't reproduce this one.

mcmonkey4eva commented Nov 26, 2016 edited

@fullwall I saw similar to this earlier in my update of a server from 1.10 to 1.11, likely an updating-related issue


Can you give us a list of plugins please?


[04:50:50 INFO]: Plugins (9): WorldEdit, BuycraftX, Vault, PowerfulPerms, CT-API, KnicksTrails,Citizens, Hub, KnicksGlobal

Most of them are custom plugins written by me. But no idea how any of the plugins would affect Citizens in any way. (They barely work with entities and none of them is working with NMS at all)


Hmmm... very odd. Can you try disabling Hub, KnicksGlobal, CT-API and KnicksTrails to see if it fixes the issue?


Disabling these plugins or adding Citizens as a softdepend for every plugin solves the issue. But what could cause this kind of error? And hint what I should look for in my custom plugins?


Pretty much anything related to entities or NPCs can be suspect potentially.

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