A modern web extension for pinning pages on Pinboard (pinboard.in) with Firefox
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Pinboard Pin Web Extension for Firefox

Pinboard Pin is a modern web extension for pinning pages on Pinboard with Firefox.

Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed. Note that while the Pinboard Pin extension is provided by its author as free and open source software, Pinboard is a separate, paid service and you need to sign up for an account in order to use it. The author of Pinboard Pin is not affiliated with the provider of the Pinboard service. For any questions regarding the Pinboard service itself, please contact the Pinboard support.

This extension pretty much replicates the functionality of the Pinboard Plus extension that has been created for the Chrome browser, but it has been rewritten from scratch to support Firefox using the modern Angular framework instead of a mix of the older AngularJS, jQuery and Underscore libraries used by Pinboard Plus. This rewrite was also intended as a proof-of-concept that modern Angular is a viable platform for building web extensions.

The current version has been tested with Firefox 58 for Windows and Linux.


  • Icon changing color to show whether the current page has been bookmarked in Pinboard.
  • Save a new bookmark for the current page in Pinboard, adding description and tags in a popup dialog.
  • Update and delete the bookmark for the current page in Pinboard from the popup.
  • Automatic creation of a description from a selected text on the page or using an existing meta tag on the page.
  • Enter or update tags using automatic suggestions in the popup dialog.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut (Alt + P) to open the popup dialog.


You can install the extension using the Mozilla Add-ons page.


Note that you must explicitly enable the option for displaying whether the page has already been saved on Pinboard, because this will send the URL of the page to the Pinboard server for every page. Therefore this feature is also automatically disabled in "incognito mode".

Also note that if you are using the Privacy Badger extension and Pinboard Pin shows an error when accessing Pinboard, make sure that the domain pinboard.in is not blocked in the filter settings of Privacy Badger, or simply put in on the whitelist of Privacy Badger.


  • Follow the instructions outlined in DEVELOP.md if you want to build this extension on your own or run it in development mode.
  • Read my blog post Web Extensions made with Angular to learn more about how and why this extension has been created.
  • Contact the author, open GitHub issues or send in pull requests to contribute.