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## Help make quicksearch better!
-If you have a bug fix, the best way to do this would be to:
+If you have a bug fix, the best way to help would be to:
* Fork the project by clicking "Fork this project" at the top of this page
* Clone your version of quicksearch from your Github account to your computer
* Fix and commit the bugs, then push your version to your Github account
* Click "pull request" at the top of my Github page
-I can't promise to answer every questions about quicksearch, but please do report bugs here: <> or [send me a message on Github][mail_me]
+I can't promise to answer every question about quicksearch,
+but please do [report bugs here][issues] or [send me a message on Github][mail_me].
+You can [follow me on Github][github_follow] and [on Twitter][twitter_follow].
## License
@@ -127,5 +129,7 @@ jQuery quicksearch is made by [Rik Lomas][rik_site] at [Lomalogue][lomalogue_sit

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