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Kerrokantasi UI

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Kerrokantasi UI is the user interface powering service. It is a full featured interface for both answering and creating questionnaires as supported by Kerrokantasi API.

Development installation


  • Node v8 LTS
  • Yarn


config_dev.toml is used for configuration when NODE_ENV != "production". It is in TOML-format, which for our purposes is Key=Value format.

When NODE_ENV=="production", only environment variables are used for configuration. The environment variables are named identically to the ones used in config_dev.toml. Do note that the variables are case insensitive, ie. KeRRokanTasi_aPi_bASe is a valid name. Go wild!

In the repository root there is config_dev.toml.example which contains every setting and comments explaining their use. If you only want to give kerrokantasi-ui a test, all you need to do is: mv config_dev.toml.example to config_dev.toml That will give you a partially working configuration for browsing test questionnaires in our test API.

Running development server

yarn start

No separate build step is currently available.

Other commands for development

  • yarn run dev: development mode (hot reloading and all that jazz, also broken)
  • yarn run test: run tests

Bundle size analysis is available (by way of the webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin) if the BUNDLE_ANALYZER environment variable is set.

Production installation

Production installation is very similar to a development installation, as there is no way to create a static build of kerrokantasi-ui currently. Just specify NODE_ENV=production in the environment to enable any node optimizations, although they don't really matter.