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Ruby wrapper for CityGrid APIs

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Not stable yet. Use at your own risk!

Getting Started


This gem is still under very active development. As such, you can obtain the latest by directly installing from github:

gem "citygrid_api", :git => "git://"

You can get a relatively stable build from Specifying a version number is highly recommended as there will be breaking changes until we stabilize.

gem "citygrid_api", "0.0.6"


Add a file called citygrid_api.rb under config/initializers.

Configure the gem to use your publisher code with:

CityGrid.publisher = 'your_publisher_code'

Additional options are available such as:

CityGrid.print_curls = true/false
CityGrid.custom_timeout = 20 #time in seconds
CityGrid.raise_errors = true/false

If you don't have a publisher code, you can obtain one at

Move citygrid_api.yml.sample into your project. This file configures the API endpoints. Load the configuration with:

CityGrid.load_config 'path/to/config/yml'


Most methods require an AuthToken. This is obtained by either using the CityGrid::Session class (preferred) or CityGrid::API::Accounts::Account.login, which would require managing your own AuthToken.

An authenticated session can be obtained with

session = CityGrid.session 'username', 'password'

Once authenticated, the session will automatically pass along the AuthToken to API methods that require it when you use the call_api method

session.call_api CityGrid::API::Advertising::Category,
  :keywords => "pizza"

This corresponds to

auth_token = 'my_auth_token' # obtained by calling CityGrid::API::Accounts::Account.login :token => auth_token, :keywords => "pizza"

In the future, AuthTokens may be invalidated and there may be other methods to log in. Session and call_api will handle that for you.

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