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jimafisk Merge pull request #366 from CityOfBoston/issue-271
Connect Salesforce - Issue 271
Latest commit 006b093 May 20, 2019
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config Config export: Salesforce metrolist mapping. May 16, 2019
docroot Use short array syntax per coding standards. May 13, 2019
patches #61 Create bos_messages module Mar 26, 2019
scripts Fix merge conflicts. Apr 18, 2019
tests Travis testing (#111) Aug 28, 2018
.gitignore Creates Acquia deployment via Travis. (#199) Dec 26, 2018
.lando.yml Open external ports 443 and 80 for SF testing. May 15, 2019
.travis.yml Attributes (#280) Feb 14, 2019
build.xml Reorganize phing (#21) Jul 23, 2018
migrate.config.log Component sidebar (#127) Sep 26, 2018
migrate.content.log Component sidebar (#127) Sep 26, 2018
migrate.settings.log Component sidebar (#127) Sep 26, 2018
xdebug.ini Add bos_lightbox module Nov 14, 2018

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