Cloning the demolition map from ArcGIS Online.
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A map showing demolition and land bank activity in the city of Detroit.

Live demo:


Behind the scenes, we use Babel to compile, Browserify and Watchify to bundle, and Uglify to minify our code.


You should be running Node and NPM.

This project assumes you have three global dependencies: Browserify, Watchify and Uglify

If you don't, install them:

npm install -g browserify watchify uglify-js


Clone this project:

git clone
cd demo-tracker
npm install


Run npm run watch and open public/index.html in your browser.

This is listening for changes in src/main.js and will automatically rebuild, so you just need to refresh your browswer to see changes.


Run npm run deploy. This pipes src/main.js through Uglify to minify it, writes to public/bundle.js, and then publishes to gh-pages.