A mobile web app for the City of Philadelphia's PhillyRising Collaborative.
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A mobile web app to support the outreach work of the PhillyRising collaborative.

Setup Instructions

Install pip and virtualenv, if not already installed.

These will keep your python code isolated from the rest of your machine and ensure you have the correct versions.

easy_install pip
pip install virtualenv

You may need to use sudo to install these tools.

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv

Clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/openplans/myphillyrising.git

Create a new virtual environment

Do this inside of the repository folder, and install the project requirements.

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors

Setup a PostgreSQL database

Check out this installation guide for help

Create a new database named myphillyrising. You can use createdb or your favorite IDE to do this.

Configure the local settings

cp ./website/myphillyrising/local_settings.py.template ./website/myphillyrising/local_settings.py

Update the database setting to allow the application to connect to your database. It should just be the username and password.

Set the Twitter, Facebook, and DISQUS keys. These can be junk values if you don't need to login or test comments right away.

Initialize your database and run migrations

./website/manage.py syncdb
./website/manage.py migrate

Install Bower and Grunt

Bower is a package manager for JavaScript assets and Grunt is a build tool.

npm install -g bower grunt-cli

Install client assets

Do the bower and grunt installs in both the myphillyrising and alexander folders:

cd website/myphillyrising
npm install
bower install
cd ../alexander
npm install
bower install
cd ../..

Load the neighborhoods and tags:

./website/manage.py loaddata ./website/alexander/fixtures/neighborhood_tags.json

Start the servers

./website/manage.py runserver  # Run this in one terminal
./website/manage.py celeryd    # Run this in another terminal

Browse to http://localhost:8000/admin and add a feed or two. Click the Refresh button next to each feed to import the data. Give it a minute (you should see database activity scrolling by in your celeryd terminal as the content items are loading).

Vagrant Installation

To automate the installation process you can use Vagrant to setup an Ubuntu 12.04 VM to run the database and app within. Install Vagrant then:

 git clone https://github.com/openplans/myphillyrising.git
 vagrant up

This will do almost all of the installation work above for you. When the VM has finished initializing:

 vagrant ssh

Then finish setting up the database:

cd /vagrant # all of the code is located here  - it's just a "synced folder" to your local repo
./website/manage.py syncdb # Create a new Django superuser when prompt
./website/manage.py migrate
./website/manage.py loaddata ./website/alexander/fixtures/neighborhood_tags.json

Now you're ready to start the servers. Tmux is installed so that you can both of these servers within one shell or you could open a new shell and vagrant ssh into it:

./website/manage.py runserver [::]:8000  # Run this in one terminal (slight change from above)
./website/manage.py celeryd    # Run this in another terminal`

The app should now be available at http://localhost:8000. Navigate to http://localhost:8000/admin/ Use vagrant halt to stop the VM while saving your state for next time. Refer to the docs for more info on Vagrant teardown.

About PhillyRising

PhillyRising targets neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life concerns, and establishes partnerships with community members to address these issues. The PhillyRising Team coordinates the actions of City agencies to help neighbors realize their vision for their community through sustainable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions. Read more at phila.gov/phillyrising.