Resources for working with the NEO blockchain
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Awesome NEO

A curated list of awesome NEO libraries, applications and resources.


White Papers

  • Original - English translation of main white paper.
  • Smart Contracts - English translation of smart contracts white paper.

Blockchain Bootstrap Files

Please refer to this tutorial on how to use bootstrap files:

MainNet (2.7.6+)

MainNet for notification server 2.7.6+

TestNet (2.7.6+)

CoZ TestNet (2.7.4)

CoZ TestNet (neo-python 0.7.1) (use np-import)

Blockchain Explorers

City of Zion

Code Examples


NEO Competitions


  • Upcoming ICOs - Curated sheet of upcoming ICOs hosted on the NEO Blockchain

Developer Documentation


  • NEO Economy - Curated list of NEO and NEP-5 Token economy statistics, such as average block rate, market cap, pricing, volume, ended ICO prices aswell as details on upcoming ICO.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ page - A page with frequently asked questions.

GAS Calculators

ICOs on Neo

Information Blogs


Network Monitoring

  • neo-mon - NEO network status monitor (CoZ). CoZ Monitor
  • HappyNodes - NEO network status monitor and unconfirmed transaction explorer (F27 / NGD).

Published Articles


  • neo-go - Golang Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neo-go-sdk - Golang SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neo-js - Javascript Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neon-js - Javascript libraries that allow the Neon wallet to interact with NEO blockchain.
  • neo-php - PHP Wrapper for Neo Blockchain API.
  • neo-python - Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neo-swift - Swift Wrapper for Neo Blockchain API.

Smart Contracts




  • Python tutorial - Use Python to Deploy Neo Smart Contracts
  • Video Tutorials - Dev environment setup, workflows, and smart contracts written in Python


  • ansy - A minimal paper wallet generator.
  • Blue Whale Web - A Chinese asset management platform. Chinese interface
  • Ledger Wallet - The app for the Ledger is available on the app store. Created by coranos2.
  • neo-cli - An official wallet built by the core team, which is command-line based.
  • neo-gui - An official wallet built by the core team, which has a UI.
  • neon-wallet - A light wallet for the blockchain.
  • - A web based wallet.
  • neowallet - Web based wallet using API.
  • Ozone (O3) - iOS based wallet, currently in Beta.

If you want to contribute to this list, please follow the contribution guidelines.