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Awesome NEO

A curated list of awesome NEO libraries, applications and resources.


White Papers

  • Original - English translation of main white paper.
  • Smart Contracts - English translation of smart contracts white paper.

Blockchain Bootstrap Files

Please refer to this tutorial on how to use bootstrap files:

MainNet and TestNet (2.7.6+)

Blockchain Explorers

City of Zion

Current dApps

General Developer Documentation


  • NEO Economy - Curated list of NEO and NEP-5 Token economy statistics, such as average block rate, market cap, pricing, volume, ended ICO prices aswell as details on upcoming ICO.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ page - A page with frequently asked questions.

GAS Calculators

ICOs on Neo

Information Blogs

NEO Competitions

Network Monitoring

Published Articles

PrivateNet Setup

  • neo-local - Start a local NEO blockchain with a single command.
  • Private Net Docker - Setup for a private NEO blockchain with an Ubuntu 16.04 docker image.


  • neo-go - Golang Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neo-utils - Golang SDK for the NEO blockchain developed by O3.
  • neon-js - Javascript libraries that allow the Neon wallet to interact with NEO blockchain.
  • neo-php - PHP Wrapper for Neo Blockchain API.
  • neo-python - Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • neo-swift - Swift Wrapper for NEO Blockchain API.
  • neovm-utils - Swift SDK for NEOVM blockchains built off of O3's neo-utils developed by Ryu Games.
  • neo-lux - .NET SDK to interact with the NEO blockchain and invoke smart contracts
  • NeoModules - C# SDK and set of light clients (REST and RPC) of the most poupular APIs in Neo ecosystem.

Smart Contract Development

  • dAppTemplate_MEAN - Interface for communicating with NEO nodes, to help with development of a dApp.
  • Documentation - Official getting started documentation from the NEO team for smart contracts.
  • Fees - Blog post about how smart contracts are priced.
  • Using Random Numbers in NEO SC - Tutorial by Jason Perry on Random Number Generation using NEO Smart Contracts
  • Video tutorial - YouTube series on smart contract programming.




  • Python smart contracts - Examples of smart contracts written in Python, from the Neo Python core team and DApp competition entrants.
  • Python tutorial - Use Python to Deploy Neo Smart Contracts
  • Video Tutorials - Dev environment setup, workflows, and smart contracts written in Python
  • neo-boa - Python compiler for the Neo Virtual Machine.


  • ICO contract in Go - Step-by-step guide on issuing your NEP-5 token on NEO’s Private net using Go
  • neo-storm - Smart contract framework for the NEO smart economy written in the Go programming language


  • neon-wallet - A light wallet for the blockchain.
  • O3 - macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android wallet
  • ansy - A minimal paper wallet generator.

If you want to contribute to this list, please follow the contribution guidelines.


Resources for working with the NEO blockchain





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