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City of Zion logo source

The website source:


Very simple, no JS necessary. Using Hugo, a fast static website generator and NodeJS for building.

Getting started

Install Hugo:

This setup needs at least Hugo version 0.37.1.


Start development mode (with hot reloading):

hugo server -D

Then you can visit the generated site at http://localhost:1313. As soon as source files change, hugo builds and reloads the page.

Production builds and Gulp tasks

There are several Node.js gulp tasks. For instance, to produce minified production builds, just run gulp build. It will now export a build to the public folder.

  • Install Node.js
  • Run npm install (or yarn)


Adding yourself to the team

New to our team? Do a pullrequest to add yourself! Important to know that we have the following roles:

  • Council
  • Advisor
  • Maintainer
  • Developer
  • Contributor

If you're NOT on the City of Zion Github, you're a contributor. If you're on there you're a developer. For the other roles: You know when you're a maintainer or advisor ;-)

Determined your role?

If you prefer to be anonymous, it's alright too -- simply don't add your real name,location, etc. but still add yourself. But please use the image: anonymous.jpg.

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Update the Team.yaml
  3. Add a picture in jpg format 480x480px here
  4. Please resize and export the image in 480x480px JPG format, with about 80% quality. You can do this easily in Gimp or Photoshop ot in the command line with this ImageMagick command:

convert -resize "480x480^" -gravity center -crop 480x480+0+0 -strip -interlace Plane -quality 80% <yourpicture> <yourcozpicture>.jpg

To just optimize the image if you already have it in the correct size:

mogrify -strip -interlace Plane -quality 80% <yourpicture>.jpg

  1. Create a Pull Request



  • Open-source MIT.

Old repo

There used to be an 'old' website. That is still to be found here


New website source for



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