Light wallet for the NEO blockchain
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Neon Wallet

Electron wallet for the NEO blockchain.

Coverage Status


What does it currently do

  • Create a wallet
  • Encrypt a Private Key
  • Login with Ledger, Private Key, Encrypted Private Key or a stored account.
  • Import/Export wallet accounts (NEP6 Standard)
  • View balance
  • View prices for GAS and NEO in multiple currencies
  • Send GAS, NEO and any NEP5 token
  • Claim GAS
  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Address book
  • Switch networks (Test/Main)


Standalone apps can be found here, to build manually see the steps below.

Required Tools and Dependencies

Developing and Running

Execute these commands in the project's root directory:


  • yarn install - Installing node dependencies
  • ./node_modules/.bin/electron -v confirm electron is version 1.8.4
  • Electron may take anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds to fully start using the commands below. Be patient.


  • yarn dev - Live reload

Running (for production):

  • yarn assets
  • yarn start


  • yarn test or yarn run test-watch for live testing.


A gentle reminder, github issues is meant to be used by developers for maintaining and improving the codebase, and is not the proper location for support issues. Questions such as

  • "Why can't I log in?"
  • "I lost my private key, is there anyway to recover it?"
  • "Why is my balance not showing?"

should be asked in proper support channels such as the NEO subreddit, or the official NEO Discord Channel. You should also check the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to see if your question has been answered there already.