Assets 6


  • Updates neon-js to 3.11.0 adjusting the default timeout for RPC calls to 30s from 5s
  • The logic behind fetching dynamic token hashes from github for more stability
  • Leverages new getTokenBalances functionality in neon-js to dramatically improve performance
  • Sets the default block explorer from NEO Tracker to NEOSCAN

macOS: 7c35263a7582bf203efdec76a29d816c8f24486df92cea3f0b83d1086dd3a751
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.8.Mac.dmg

Windows: a184972906d45a0a082aa7e21ac95ac8a52d92bb847cc3583d030906b0ff42d8
certUtil -hashfile "Neon-0.2.8.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 2a9a6cc1ee83e4af1ef36344a196d7ea6bb0d1c26c22e7f81b9e4b118b23d2d9
sha256sum Neon-0.2.8_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 3840f7b1d5f158adac2b54ed22da5bdb5379b1f29c03c5c286f9f156aebc29e3
sha256sum Neon-0.2.8-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@comountainclimber comountainclimber released this Aug 18, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

Assets 6


  • Broken transaction links for transactions made on CoZ TestNet
  • Fixes broken link in receive modal
  • Updated dependencies and under the hood security and performance enhancements


macOS: 61e6acd115c2b66494de654cb4335b3b7e65a6a3d225737e6fa49e04ea2b15e6
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.7.Mac.dmg

Windows: 8862ec7225413ce4bba7d3b0da690a0f93d8df00f8c87a0605295b534abaad3a
certUtil -hashfile "Neon-0.2.7.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 632fdd2221614e73d332b790165abd86ccaae158d2b7b7929dc06ef67b726a18
sha256sum Neon-0.2.7_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: e17b9c7e14d97b55413d18c04054fd054ec9e65670dca9746bcc9d23400f6665
sha256sum Neon-0.2.7-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@comountainclimber comountainclimber released this Jul 10, 2018 · 57 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6


  • Various stability and performance enhancements
  • Request to check whether update is available
  • Click and drag electron vulnerability
  • Broken blockchain explorer links
  • Bugs related to error handling and "blank screen" issues


  • Option to save an account while logging in with encrypted key
  • Ability to recall lost credentials via settings
  • QR code authentication while logging in with private key
  • Ability to prioritize transactions -
  • Support for CoZ TestNet
  • Added scripthash for SPOT (Spot coin)
  • Added scripthash for PEGUSD (FiatPEG USD)
  • Added scripthash for ASA (Asura Coin)

macOS: 3da88321bd4061dfdbfdd1e1324b96c434d3441e247f97d7977fa21b65b886a3
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.6.Mac.dmg

Windows: d0e4b1614439d6d72fc4f4cfc8f9f6c52aec8f4f413bf5f02a717ace7d7c8d59
certUtil -hashfile "Neon-0.2.6.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: cf11e8b889adecb5f608e9a8ca2f45335fbe566997d63277564e337afe9b4ca0
sha256sum Neon-0.2.6_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 78276848a23d89db4d56965d94784c710d4281ca8085cfd0644644e08d1074bf
sha256sum Neon-0.2.6-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@mhuggins mhuggins released this May 17, 2018 · 128 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6


  • Removed "1 drop of GAS" messaging for NEP5 token transfers. (This requirement was removed in the previous release, but the messaging was unintentionally left in.)


  • Switched over all API calls to exclusively use neoscan rather (previously load balanced between neoscan and neonDB). This should result in more successful transactions, claims, and claim calculations, as well as having fewer API error responses.
  • Updated transaction history to use faster neoscan API endpoint.
  • Improved error messaging for failed GAS claims.
  • Added scripthash for MCT (Master Contract Token).
  • Added scripthash for GDM (Guardium).
  • Added scripthash for PKC (PikcoChain).
  • Added scripthash for AVA (Travala).
  • Added scripthash for SWTH (Switcheo).

macOS: 72d2bdb86b95be51b7d9772cadf2aa37033f1e89a9ceb79f803ef70b579a984f
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.5.Mac.dmg

Windows: db4772f27c70d2f23f40826167ea0dfa3c23bf3d0fbcf08c60b3dc5d0e5a1ab6
certUtil -hashfile "Neon-0.2.5.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 5477c07d9014694efbd987ef8dccc7ffdf9bb4c888993cf7d69b274e6970e215
sha256sum Neon-0.2.5_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: b1e95fcecb6610dbd38227974d0c1e70881b7844f9c7b3dba25f54e51e6981a9
sha256sum Neon-0.2.5-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@mhuggins mhuggins released this Apr 30, 2018 · 164 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6


  • Fixed claim GAS button stuck at zero.
  • Fixed claim GAS failures for Ledger.


  • Updated electron version to patch security vulnerabilities:
  • Updated GAS claims to use neoscan instead of neon-wallet-db to improve success rate.
  • Removed NEOverse from list of block explorers.
  • Added F12 hotkey to open development console in Windows.
  • Added scripthash for EFX (Effect.AI).

macOS: 7b39fab2f6182dfe8b399b228f7d84b0e231629bd893eb45a029056539d7904b
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.4.Mac.dmg

Windows: b5e822a9dd40cfa267205cc1f894cda954a83dd9713eead1968963da343adf23
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.2.4.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 77bebd5cf5e690dac0abacc21c12015e6f4fe088adb2e8a2709d74bbf9041e23
sha256sum Neon_0.2.4_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 1d5280e8fc15c6647968d5bce89f283765b21333cbd70f901ca8fb0eb7968251
sha256sum Neon-0.2.4-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@mhuggins mhuggins released this Apr 9, 2018 · 194 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6


  • Improved error messages for transaction failures.
  • Added Discord link to app footer for community support.
  • Added blacklist to prevent sending assets/tokens to known phishing addresses.
  • Updated token sale window to require user to confirm that they understand the terms of purchase.
  • Updated token sale window to remove option to purchase tokens without SC verification.
  • Updated token sale window to add verification step before completing purchase.
  • Added scripthash for SWH (Switcheo).

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent multiple wallets from having the same name.
  • Fixed account creation to include new account in settings & login screens (no longer requires app restart).
  • Fixed account deletion resulting in white screen (no longer requires app restart).
  • Fixed wallet recovery resulting in white screen (no longer requires app restart).

macOS: 40b97c53e14739d9fb3c3694f177b0cafb3fb43eee7d7cc045ab80cabc25ae71
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.3.Mac.dmg

Windows: fd85fdc474aca5185b677c4e04879e67cbfcd6b26d80f9507a38bfc156e356fe
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.2.3.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: de7f56d44d43f0a54f3cb53e39bc0bd82ac42cbb3ee6ca12178805fef8f96da0
sha256sum Neon_0.2.3_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 224aae3771d3576cded8ea42b6a9dfaa6c43494dabebaa8f4019cc98dbcd93d4
sha256sum Neon-0.2.3-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@mhuggins mhuggins released this Mar 14, 2018

Assets 6

Bug Fixes:

  • Token sale failures.
  • Balance calculation for selected currency.
  • Authentication with public key instead of private key or WIF, but unable to perform any actions.
  • Error messages not always displaying when expected.


  • Added NEP-5 script hash for CGE.

macOS: 117cfb457b100ff348e1f30b24b8740c6ae9c39535c4241043f6416900c08595
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.2.Mac.dmg

Windows: 59d06039ae2d11979f4e272483a7b65897011dfd5f8363bef41c2292a7baf433
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.2.2.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 39ce11c48e1b38c72db45b997355204bcac2a03ffda11cb7871139154b854915
sha256sum Neon_0.2.2_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: ed1011f895b145a43bf65f9b288755848445391d680ce33f9860e990c84fdde8
sha256sum Neon-0.2.2-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@Ejhfast Ejhfast released this Mar 12, 2018 · 271 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6

Quick patch to fix bug where tokens do not appear on the token sale page.

macOS: c1e75ed0c81d78173ea403fbb35843b2ecc61dde366409d908479dd4016fc093
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.1.Mac.dmg

Windows: 01c64e90c9ee00b98b0e7f7a4048df324525ef495ea3e16b48ae56a5fcd4974b
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.2.1.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 981133a3d8652b8d16ada87020b3cf4fa2378e3b7dd382298feb8b2712bcaf8f
sha256sum Neon_0.2.1_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: ff6bfdbc27c70f71dddcc3ef3f07c5673db2d7c475477cc272b86c592d43f1da
sha256sum Neon-0.2.1-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@mhuggins mhuggins released this Mar 12, 2018

Assets 6

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various math issues that would cause transactions and claims to fail.
  • Fixed issue with NEP-5 token balances not displaying.
  • Fixed "out of date" wallet notification to not display for new releases.


  • Added load balancing for API requests.
  • Added NEP-5 script hashes for IAM, ONT, THOR.
  • Updated GAS claim to wait for updated claims before calculating amount.
  • Updated Ledger dependencies & implementation to address issues with hardware wallets.
  • Updated dashboard to hide zero-balance NEP-5 tokens.
  • Updated send modal to not close when "escape" key is pressed.
  • Updated underlying architecture for simplified development & future improvements.

macOS: 51196a3c6f0a20abd22d818279181a6cbd8cbb84569c129b90a1935fcf4e1599
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.2.0.Mac.dmg

Windows: d4aef84f73c24421a2a52c1fd362a787ef0be77b293b5c4b5b394f307395d4fb
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.2.0.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: f468c4cd9dc145c66020c4be4c1608d908e9f476d46bfc6d2486e86b794dd2dd
sha256sum Neon_0.2.0_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 7640a575181459e1aa7f8abb4f13ce8166c08c54a0d8b767889e2e4535166987
sha256sum Neon-0.2.0-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

@dvdschwrtz dvdschwrtz released this Feb 18, 2018 · 344 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

Patch release of the following:

  • Updates NRVE Token scripthash

Mac: 0e5ce25c0bd46f9a43b103fbdc75a6fdcaaf06088dd5e5781807fb1cf29cb5ce
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.1.4.Mac.dmg

Windows: bff632d304ccba7c80654028bb1ae394fe2f72788318c4a528b5de3d4529fd2d
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.1.4.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 30205403ce8db6a37714e42300417f983a80ef5d0700faf6c93334c14d70bee4
sha256sum Neon_0.1.4_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 212ca5bb4e86f1662f349bab173ffdcbab00680171c32094a7e03e5db275ad23
sha256sum Neon-0.1.4-x86_64.Linux.AppImage