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@comountainclimber comountainclimber released this Jan 23, 2020

macOS: cf469cb239902fcf07c94a15ea575bca48279fbd46084730b64c98384f43caac
openssl sha256 Neon-2.4.0.Mac.dmg

Windows: 5c85f72c2cc5ac20eb477e8e4ca958d84dbe24cc812274e85211778bd0e2be50
certUtil -hashfile "Neon-2.4.0.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: c4ce999595515b61a45203c8ef89fa2e893e46996b0a6190f118d6ab02ef8cc9
sha256sum Neon-2.4.0_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 88709682e610706f542661faaaaba3bbd0a1be0514c3179b7b9fb918c76667e9
sha256sum Neon-2.4.0-x86_64.Linux.AppImage


  • Adds a network configuration tooltip component that will display address / public key and network information from any page in Neon.
  • Queries RPC node for block height and adds data to the application side bar.
  • Adds a dedicated network configuration page.
  • Adds the ability for users to perform "split key" wallet imports.
  • Small update to the token balances panel layout.
  • Updated list of healthy RPC nodes for both MainNet and TestNet.
  • Various under the hood security and dependency updates.
  • Updates and enhancements to automated test suite.
  • Updates LX token script hash.


  • Fixes bug allowing users to claim GAS in "watch only" mode.
  • Fixes fiat pricing issues for certain tokens.
  • Fixes a bug preventing Neon from being able to process transactions with 15 significant digits.
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