Composite Monitoring and Evaluation Code. The Composite Monitoring Component is used to evaluate correlations between individual data streams. It is used to check the plausibility of space-time congruent data sets.
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Composite Monitoring

The main challenge in evaluating the correctness and information quality of heterogeneous data sources in smart city environments is a missing ground truth for comparing results. If there is no exactly planned infrastructure it is a complex process to determine, which sensor measurements are correct in case of contradictory information. CityPulse aims at predicting the plausibility of events by pursuing a monitoring approach that analyses sensor values of related sensors of different kinds. This is realised in addition to the Atomic Monitoring and called Composite Monitoring. This approach helps to determine if outliers in sensor readings are due to defective sensors or can be explained by similar information from related sensors.


Requirements and Dependencies

  • PostgreSQL version >= V9.3
  • OpenStreetMap data from the GDI
  • Gnu R version 3.2.4 (2016-03-10)
  • R Libraries:
Package Version(>=) License
reshape2 reshape2 1.4.1 MIT + file LICENSE
ggplot2 ggplot2 2.1.0 GPL-2
lattice lattice 0.20-33 GPL (>= 2)
scales scales 0.4.0 MIT + file LICENSE
RColorBrewer RColorBrewer 1.1-2 Apache License 2.0
shinyBS shinyBS 0.61 GPL-3
leaflet leaflet 1.0.1 GPL-3 | file LICENSE
V8 V8 1.1 MIT + file LICENSE
rgdal rgdal 1.1-10 GPL (>= 2)
rjson rjson 0.2.15 GPL-2
jsonlite jsonlite 0.9.21 MIT + file LICENSE
DT DT 0.1 GPL-3 | file LICENSE
knitr knitr 1.13 GPL
gdata gdata 2.17.0 GPL-2
maptools maptools 0.8-39 GPL (>= 2)
rgeos rgeos 0.3-19 GPL (>= 2)
RCurl RCurl 1.95-4.8 BSD
bitops bitops 1.0-6 GPL (>= 2)
dplyr dplyr 0.5.0 MIT + file LICENSE
plyr plyr 1.8.4 MIT + file LICENSE
shiny shiny 0.13.2 GPL-3 | file LICENSE
sp sp 1.2-3 GPL (>= 2)
RPostgreSQL RPostgreSQL 0.4-1 GPL-2 | file LICENSE
DBI DBI 0.4-1 LGPL (>= 2)


Detailled installation / execution instructions will follow.


The GDI component was developed as part of the EU project CityPulse. The consortium member University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück provided the main contributions for this component.


The code of the needed GDI component can be found here: FullAnalysisExample