An Android application for reporting events and a R Shiny application for webbrowsers to show and inspect events generated by the application and the CityPulse Event Detection.
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The event testing contains several components for testing the event system of the CityPulse framework:

  • eventbridge
    • This folder contains a R shiny application, which shows a map to inspect current available events created within the CityPulse framework. An additional component is responsible to translate between the message bus and the R application, which cannot directly access the bus.
  • eventrepublisher
    • This component is a simple python based helper component to repeat events sent by users of the eventtest_application to avoid enduring event resends by the Android application.
  • eventtest_application
    • An Android application for displaying current events. It has also the possibility to report events by a user.

Further descriptions of the componens are included in the subfolders


The EventTesting components were developed as part of the EU project CityPulse. The consortium member University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück provided the main contributions for this component.