Takes advantage of Bitly Link API to ease make use of it.
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Takes advantage of Bitly Link API to ease make use of it.

How to use

First you need to follow Bitly instructions on how to register an application.
You can read about at http://dev.bitly.com/my_apps.html

As a simple example, you could use the following lines at Document Head:
It requires More/Request.JSONP class to work.

		<title>My Fantastic Facebook App</title>
		<script type="text/javascript" src="mootools-core.js" />
		<script type="text/javascript" src="mootools-more.js" /> <!-- Request.JSONP class required -->
		<script type="text/javascript" src="MooBitly.js" />
		[... whatever else you have in your document head]
		<!-- Your html code -->

then use the Bitly app login and apiKey to create an instance of MooBitly this way:
var moobitly = new MooBitly('myLogin', 'myApiKey');

The complete documentation of Bitly API can be found at:

How to make api calls

After you MooBitly instace is created, you can call for api methods, like expand, info, lookup and shorten.
All these methods expect a function to be called at onComplete event of the request made.

moobitly.shorten('http://www.mywebsiteurl.com', null, function(response) {
	// Do something with api response here...

The MooBitly.js file is well documented with info of each method argument.

MooBitly also has a caching feature if you use the id argument of methods, you can retrieve/remove the response of that call later.


There is a (maybe not well known) Bitly feature for shortened url's, and this that Bitly can return QRcode image of shortened url's.

To generate a QR code, simply append .qrcode to the end of any bitly link. For example: http://bit.ly/3eI7.qrcode
QR codes of different sizes can be generated by adding ?s={size} to the QR code URL.
A QR code of the closest standard size (in pixels) will be returned.

<img src="http://bit.ly/cmeH01.qrcode" />
<img src="http://bit.ly/cmeH01.qrcode?s=1000" /> <!-- For a 1000px (square) size image -->

You can read more at:


Donations are welcome. By donating you contribute to this and other Open Source efforts.