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Civilization 13

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Civ13 (formerly 1713) is a game based on Space Station 13 code, which features several epochs of human history. (hence the name). It features both RP and Combat maps and gamemodes.

Civ13 Discord


Official Website


Playing the game

You will need a windows machine or a virtual machine running it from another OS.

  1. Download the latest BYOND distribution from

  2. Register a BYOND account at

  3. Launch BYOND from BYOND/bin/Byond.exe and login.

  4. Navigate to Space Station 13 and search for the Civilization 13 server.

  5. You will start playing in seconds!

Setting up a Server

  1. You will need a linux machine for the automated install, preferably Ubuntu. Open the command line.

  2. Download the INSTALL file. You can use wget for it. If you don't have wget installed, use sudo apt install wget first.

  3. Use sudo bash INSTALL and it should install everything you need.

  4. You're all set! Run the file inside the scripts/ folder. Use python3

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