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The main 'Commons' app for Civic Commons.
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To follow along this project, check out



Here is how to pull a read-only local copy of the system:

git clone git://

If you have read-write access to this repository, you should use:

git clone

Turn the cloned commons_site folder into a virtualenv:

virtualenv -p python2.7 --no-site-packages commons_site

Activate the virtualenv:

cd commons_site
source bin/activate

Pull all the package dependencies:

cd commons_project
pip install --requirement=requirements.txt

Initialize the local DB (locally we use sqlite). This will prompt you to create a superuser in the DB, so say 'yes'.:

./ syncdb
./ migrate

Gather all static resources:

./ collectstatic

Run the local instance:

./ runserver

Here is how to deploy to

First, if you are not a member of the Civic Commons team, change the app
name in .epio-app to one you control.

We recommend that all of the following steps be done on each deployment,
and that a deployment only be done after pulling (and if necessary,
merging) the latest version and pushing your own changes to the repository.

./ collectstatic
epio upload
epio django syncdb
epio django migrate

If this is a new instance of the commons web app, you will be prompted to create a superuser. If it is an existing app, here is how to add an additional superuser on from the command-line:

epio django createsuperuser

NOTE: If you create a superuser by this method, you will break the site until you log into the admin interface (at /admin) and add a Profile for that user. All users (other than the AnonymousUser) must have a profile.

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