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Suspicious Email Submitter

The Suspicious Email Submitter is a discontinued extension for common web browsers and email clients that enables the user to easily submit a suspicious email with all the information necessary to a pre-configured destination for further analysis, such as a MISP instance.

This functionality has now been merged into PhishDetect, whose development you can follow here.

This project is hosted by the Computer Incident Response Center for Civil Society (CiviCERT), representing the needs of the at-risk communities Rapid Response Network member organizations serve. The extension will be built to be easily configurable for use by other organizations and communities both within and beyond these communities.

Current Development Status

target platform supported email providers status
Chrome/Chromium web browser Google Mail, Yahoo Mail (classic) beta
Firefox web browser Google Mail, Yahoo Mail (classic) beta
Thunderbird desktop client all email providers alpha
Outlook desktop client all email providers not started

How to use

Please see the wiki for instructions on how to use the Suspicious Email Submitter, as a user or as a provider.

The Suspicious Email Submitter requires a configuration file in order to function.

How to contribute

To contribute to the Chrome/Chromium or Firefox extensions, please see the Contributing file. For the Thunderbird and Outlook add-ons, please wait for development to slow before contributing.


Icon created by "kiddo" (Indygo) from the Noun Project


The Suspicious Email Submitter is licensed under GPLv3.


The Suspicious Email Submitter is a discontinued browser extension (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox) for the easy submission of suspicious emails to a MISP instance for further analysis




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