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  1. org.civicoop.groupprotect org.civicoop.groupprotect Public

    CiviCRM native extension to allow protection for groups (unpermitted users can not add or remove contacts to group)

    PHP 7 6

  2. org.civicoop.configitems org.civicoop.configitems Public archive

    CiviCRM native extension to load all kinds of configuration

    PHP 6 5

  3. wpcivi-shared wpcivi-shared Public

    WordPress plugin with shared WP+CiviCRM integration code (Gravity Forms handling, easy API / Entity access, some other experiments)

    PHP 6

  4. org.civicoop.emailapi org.civicoop.emailapi Public archive

    E-mail API for CiviCRM to send e-mails through the API

    PHP 5 23

  5. org.civicoop.membershippayment org.civicoop.membershippayment Public

    Link contribution to membership from the UI

    PHP 5 5

  6. org.civicoop.documents org.civicoop.documents Public archive

    CiviCRM Documents extension

    PHP 4 10


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