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7/3 Scrum call Agenda

To fill in this:

Attachment E

7/2 Scrum call Agenda

To fill in this:

Attachment E

  • Greg Elin to assert and document duplication of installation instructions
  • Ron to make video of website resizing (Or someone else?)
  • Rob to lead Sprint 3 retrospective
  • Greg to figure out a quick approach to continuous monitoring
  • Steve to add personnel matrix or something else linkable as evidence
  • Greg/Owen to add documentation to diagram ( of our AWS operating system - done?
  • Rob to somehow get filled in Links/Table into the docuement for Melinda and get ready for her. - done

Major action items:

  • Promotion/User Finding/Usability plan -- staffed by whom?
  • Finishing RFQ application (Esp. Attachment E and Readme)
  • Review of weekend schdule
  • How to share our experience (please edit the shared doc I posted.)

7/1 Scrum call Agenda

  • Proposal plan in light of new bid extension. New questions of conformity to three separate Pools.
  • Confirming team and availability for coming days
  • How do we capture changing requirements (READMEs, criteria doc) in our project budget?
  • Revisions to READMEs
  • Current prototype testing and bugfix

[Steve was not on full 6/30 call, hence no posted Action items or Balance scores. See our Process Journal for a high level review of the day's proceedings.]

6/30 Scrum call Agenda

  • Tues EOD checklist
  • Steve: READMEs to Winvale
  • Dave: Final rows of criteria spreadsheet
  • Rob: Follow up with Martha re: interview today?
  • Steve: Video link for 4th Tyson interview
  • Henry: Feedback from lawyer?
  • Luke: Project hours to date. All: project hours for this week (send directly to Steve or input in Harvest)
  • Project team loses Dave and Ethan to GlobalNET at EOD today. +/- zero availability to GSA from tomorrow AM.
  • Code Finalization and bug Squashing, final testing.
  • Attempting to utilize Owen's new code; Rob's new code which is still not working.

Balance Scores:

DN: 6, ET: 8, RR: 6, OB: 8.5, LF: 8.5, RA: 8, AP: 8.5, HP: 9

6/29 Scrum call Action Items

  • Team to head into Sprint 2 retrospective and Sprint 3 planning immediately following Scrum
  • Code review (Ethan, Owen, Rob, full team invited) 12pmPT today
  • Steve and Dave to Cowork on compliance checklist
  • Steve to finalize USDS checklist
  • Rob to work on Tues EOD checklist
  • Ron to continue as QA / cross-browser / cross-device test lead, with ad hoc help from Aaron and rest of team
  • Greg, Owen, Luke to send Steve hours worked on project thus far
  • Rob to complete first draft of Pool 3 README, rewritten to include Sprint 3. Steve to then pass to Melinda by EOD to incorportate pool specific language for #s 1 and 2.
  • Rob updating and maintaing Process Journal
  • Henry to work on final legal confirmation
  • Steve to schedule user interview with Tyson today, pursue moving tomorrow's meeting with Martha from tomorrow to today as well.

Team balance scores:

DN: 8, ET: 8, RR: 7, OB: 9.5, LF: 8.5, RA: 8, AP: 8.5, HP: 8, SC: 8.5

6/29 Scrum call Agenda

  • Sprint 3 planning, prioritization (Sprint 2 retrospective?)
  • Code review this afternoon
  • CoWork on compliance checklist
  • Finalize USDS checklist
  • Tues EOD checklist
  • Testing plan
  • Budget for full team
  • READMEs for pools 1 and 2
  • Process journal?
  • Tomorrow Partners feedback

6/26 Scrum call Action Items

  • Rob coordinate with Melinda around revisions to 2nd READMEs in light of changes to Sprint plan. Steve to pass these to Winvale no later than Tues noon.
  • Team to address the USDS checklist as follows:
    • 7 - Budget - Steve
    • 9 - Hosting - Dave
    • 10 - Automation - Dave
    • 12 - Data -> Decisions - Rob or Ron
    • 13 - Open - Rob or Ethan
  • Team to add more "how to use" "what this is" info to disclaimer text
  • Greg to forward heat chart examples to Rob
  • Steve to coordinate with Martha and Tyson around additional user inteviews on Tuesday
  • Team to meet for Sprint 3 planning following scrum, entering all further enhancements in Trello, and then prioritizing issues in github queue

Team balance scores:

ET: 7, RR: 8, AR: 8.5, DN: 8.5, RA: 9.75, SC: 9, LF: 7, AP: 9, GE: 3, HP: 9

6/26 Scrum call Agenda

  • Need Sprint Planning Meeting after Scrum
  • Should we plan additional promotion?
  • Note that finalization Plan is moved up to Tuesday night
  • Review change in personnel
  • Status of add'l READMEs
  • Greg and Luke: GSA roles
  • Get hours in!
  • USDS Checklist:
    • 7 - Budget - Steve
    • 9 - Hosting - Dave
    • 10 - Automation - Dave
    • 12 - Data -> Decisions - Rob or Ron
    • 13 - Open - Rob or Ethan


  • Created Releases under the wire
  • Good coopeation
  • pie chart using AHRQ data successful
  • Need primarily to polish at this point

6/25 Scrum call Action Items

  • Tyson interview at 2:30 Eastern (Ron, Rob, Steve)
  • Martha's interview 5:00 (Rob, Ethan, Steve)
  • Add Chuck's style guide to repo
  • Team to note all bugs, enhancements, etc as issues in github. Will prioritize from there.
  • Ethan or Rob to add Lukes feedback footer
  • Team to concentrate today on incorporating and prioritizing feedback from testers
  • Ron to continue leading QA and cross-browser, cross-device testing
  • Dave to add more tests to Jenkins. Also to work on automated deployment through Jenkins
  • Steve leading USDS Checklist response
  • Melinda to flesh out Pools 1 and 2 READMEs, Steve to pass to Winvale.
  • Steve to confirm pricing with Bill / Henry
  • Steve to confirm "matrix" with Winvale
  • Rob to add documentation of "portable URL" feature and why it was motivated by user interviews.

Team balance scores:

ET: 8, RR: 7, AR: 7, DN: 7, RA: 8, SC: 7, LF: 6.5, AP: 8

6/25 Scrum call Agenda Items

  • Getting Dave to Push the code is of paramount importance for QA and our users
  • Tyson interview at 2:30 Eastern? Who will attend?
  • Martha's interview 4:30ET? Who will attend?
  • Ethan to update to Chucks's color palette [done]
  • Add Chuck's style guide to repo
  • UX issues & concerns: note as github issue? doc to Ron?
  • Ethan to merge boostrap pull request - [done]
  • Ethan or Rob to add Lukes feedback footer
  • Of greatest importance is user feedback and final tweaks
  • If we get normalization done, testing
  • Need to test, test, test, including on iPhones and iPads and Android phones
  • Dave to build more tests for Jenkins suite?
  • Team needs to review (and probably add to) Checklist for Thursday night
  • Aaron, Steve and/or Rob to make sure all of USDS Checklist is responded to (it's okay if the answer is "didn't do it")
  • Melinda to flesh out Pools 1 and 2 READMEs, Steve to pass to Winvale. Relevant team members to review verbiage for different pools in the READMEs.
  • Steve to confirm pricing with Bill / Henry
  • Steve to confirm "matrix" with Winvale
  • More documentation of "portable URL" feature and why it was motivated by user interviews.

Highlights form 6/25

  • Autocomplete API now Working!
  • Bootstrap/Responsive design now working!
  • All Bugs Squashed
  • Color Style guide in play
  • Planning to work late, but make final push this evening
  • Need to do significant research inot AHRQ Sample statistics

6/24 Scrum call Action Items

  • Team to dig into Digital Services checklist, Steve to ping members whose contributions are most needed
  • Team to meet following scrum to look at enhancement requests, bugs, anything that might be added within budget and timeline to Sprint 2
  • Ron to lead QA and responsive testing effort. Log bugs as issues in github.
  • Rob to build checklist for Sprint end (EOD Thursday) and add to github.
  • Ron and Ethan to coordinate around helptext / disclaimertext to be added to site. Disclaimers urgent.
  • Steve to coordinate with Winvale around compliance meeting today
  • Steve to handle Attachment E (compliance)
  • Chuck to work 1/2 day today on style guide. Coordinate with Ethan and Ron re: implementation.
  • User interview team meeting with Tyson for 2nd interview on Thursday (Steve to schedule). Steve to follow up with Martha regarding additional user feedback and interview.
  • Main readme has been forwarded to Jeanne at Winvale for comments. Steve and Rob to coordinate around response, edits.
  • Rob, team to tweet live url (with disclaimer). Get it out into the world.
  • Rob / Ethan / April to coordinate around ~100 word addition for Pool 2 readme. Rob / Ron / Ethan to coordinate around ~100 word addition for Pool 1 readme. Steve to send both to Melinda in hopes that she can turn out readmes for all three Pools by tomorrow AM.

Team balance scores:

In keeping with a central tenet of our process standards at CivicActions, we track "work/life" balance on each call. Tracking of this in github begins with our 6/24 scrum. ET: 8; RA: 8; DN: 8.5; SC: 8.5; RR: 9.5; HP: 9; AR: 6; AP: 8

Resolutions from this meeting:

  • Ron agreed to do QA, particularly around Mobile devices.
  • Rob to start Checklist for Thursday night
  • We generally agreed to treat announcement that GSA had extended the deadline as a non-event and just complete all of our work by Thursday night as originally planned.
  • We agreed to an approach about accessibility, based on text and visual impairment (a light investment, given our time.)

6/24 Scrum call Agenda Items

  • Digital Services checklist
  • Additions to Sprint 2 backlog; grooming and estimation following Scrum?
  • Need to assign a QA person/team with emphasis on mobile/responsive testing
  • Need to develop checklist for Thursday night, including repo management work.
  • Ideally want to tie back-end in today.
  • Helptext / disclaimers
  • Winvale conversation / Attachment E / Compliance matrix
  • Chuck and style guide
  • Obtaining additional user interviews is a high priority for today
  • Melinda and Rob wrote up a summary, could use review by others (but word count is tight at 750).
  • We want to make the application usable to a "cold" user, and to publicize the URL more broadly.
  • Need to start the other two README documents.

6/23 Scrum call Action items

  • Rob, Steve, Aaron, to meet with Melinda to take a look at writing needs
  • Aaron to take a first pass at writing 3x 750 word overviews
  • Steve and Rob to get back to Winvale after Melinda meeting with projected timeline for 1st draft
  • Henry and Aaron to work on Digital services checklist. Steve and Bill to meet to review checklist following Melinda call.
  • Team to meet following scrum for Sprint 1 retrospective and Sprint 2 backlog grooming
  • Steve and Rob to update call note documentation on github
  • Code freeze, prototype completion by EOD Thursday
  • Steve to contact Luke regarding blog post
  • Steve to contact Dave N re: state of handoff from Owen

6/23 Scrum call Agenda items

  • Report from Winvale meeting
  • Digital services checklist
  • Backlog grooming, Sprint 2 plan
  • Github notes: user interview #2 (Rob), process doc and demo/legal call (Rob and Steve)
  • Backend update / AHRQ data
  • Meeting with Melinda
  • Sprint retrospective
  • Demo of MVP
  • Need to aim for Thursday Night completion
  • Luke: blog post

6/22 Scrum call Action items

  • Ethan, Ron, Dan, Steve to meet with Tyson at 2pmET today. Steve to confirm that all have received Bluejeans invite. Steve to capture notes as Rob won't be there. Steve to post recording to github as before.
  • Sprint 1 declared ending today after user demo and legal demo. Steve to run budget actuals, and Henry and Steve to review tomorrow.
  • Sprint 2 ends EOD Wednesday and Sprint 3 with submission on Friday.
  • Rob to update github to reflect this and gather user stories that capture Sprint 2 work and requirements.
  • Greg, Henry, Ethan, Rob, Owen, Steve (and Dave as available) to meet 2pmPT today for demo and legal / privacy review.
  • Owen to contact Dave about replacing Fen as DevOps resource on this project.
  • Steve to contact Melinda about documentation work as suggested by Rob in agenda.

6/22 Scrum Agenda Items

  • Any further questions for today? Questions of subcontracting?
  • Sprint 1 schedule (and Sprints 2 and 3)
  • Review output of Friday mtg with Martha
  • Check in on MVP progress [Ethan to present demo!]
  • Ability to normalize data?
  • Budget doc and work for this week
  • Confirming Fen, Greg, Melinda -- work for each role
  • Interview with Tyson today [What time is this? Is Tyson a Caregiver?]
  • Review the "Caregiver" vs. "Consumer" decision and dichotomy
  • Idea: Can we have Melinda review github or build an overall "Here is all of our work" documentation?

6/19 User Interview Action Items

  • Team to work on modifying app as tool for health care providers, entering various drugs in a regimen, then shown common side effects ranked by rate of occurrence. 2ndary angle of app will be the "symptom first" general user centric approach we began building
  • Steve to upload call video to CivicActions youtube, link from github
  • Ron to modify wireframes to reflect Martha's feedback

6/19 Scrum Action Items

  • Ethan to work on remaining steps to bring prototype into line with wireframes
  • Steve to schedule user interview (Martha) for later this afternoon when prototype is ready. Steve to set up video taping this and other user interview calls.
  • Steve to schedule user interview (Tyler) following Martha call, or Monday
  • Steve/Rob to create playbook checklist doc in github, as well as instructions for cross-referencing checklist to documentation
  • Rob to create "questions" doc in github
  • Team to post questions to this doc. Questions are due Monday 6/22.
  • Aaron and Henry to look at question of subcontractors as allowed by RFQ. Explore the idea of subbing with TP? Or open work up through BPA at a later date?
  • Steve to work up budget documentation, review with Henry and Rob
  • Rob and Ron to co-work on getting wireframes logged on github (images? links to files themselves)?
  • Rob to create "user interaction" doc, including co-work with CivicActions team members not on stated project team.

6/19 Scrum Agenda

  • Plans for user interaction and feedback today
  • Playbook checklists and Github log
  • Get a questions doc started in github. Questions are due on Monday.
  • Teaming partner vs. subcontractor. Door potentially open to subcontracting (Tomorrow Partners)
  • Budget
  • Can someone explain the trello -> github integration? To what extent are we tracking and documenting our work in trello, and to what extent should documentation all live in github?
  • How do we get balasmiq work onto github, or captured in github?
  • User list, noting interactions

6/17 Scrum Agenda

  • Coordinate with Martha and define her role
  • Confirm roles / participation of full team
  • Start defining "documentation"