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What we did well....

  • User Inteviews
  • User Interview on first day
  • Mustering a team from the word go, hit the ground running
  • Broad skill mix on the team
  • Documentation effort good
  • Early incorporation of github and reliance thereon
  • Design Studio/Ideation Process
  • UX and development working simultaneous
  • HCD from the beginning

What we did poorly....

  • Contact with Playbook checklist has slipped
  • No professional writer so far
  • No success metrics
  • No public URL yet

What we should change

  • Lack of process about how to fully document things to close tickets/tasks [Put more effort into this.]
  • Map our effort and budget into focus [Rob and Steve to align understanding of budget/LOE deliverables.]
  • Involve Chuck our Presentation Layer expert