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Sprint 3 Retrospective (July 2nd)

What we did well

  • Responded well to stressful extensions
  • Reviewed bid requirements (and changes) effectively
  • Dealing with strong criteria as well
  • Managed energy level effectively
  • Made compromises between between UI design and Engineering possibilities
  • Github issue prioritiztion was very effective
  • Luke/Ron cooperation via GitHub very effectively
  • Velocity increased (conceptually)
  • Continuous deployment very effective at quick turn around on live site
  • Good cooperion on wireframes
  • Smooth rhythm
  • Worked in parallel effectively
  • User interviews with Martha and Tyson very effective.
  • UX/UI people involved early in the process

What we did poorly

  • Too many regressions, could have saved time by more specific testing before every commit
  • No automated tests for the front end (thought we had them for the back end.)
  • Front end process could have been better thought out.
  • Could have involved UX people EVEN earlier
  • Did not prepare well for the likely eventuality fo the extension
  • Mental energies not kept up well in face of the extension

What we will change if we have a Sprint 4

  • Set expectations better for code freezes, talk more about overall timeframe
  • Involve security and other single points of dependence smoothly throughout project
  • More accessibility review and thought early in the project
  • Need to manage inevitable staffing disruptions more effectively.